Which is better: the gamepad or the keyboard and mouse? You may come to different conclusions if you play different type of games, although some games are cool to play with a gamepad, but some games, you’d be better using keyboard, because it is easier to control. Today the games which are suitable for gamepad have been more and more, now let me introduce the best games for a pc gamepad.



Those role playing games, such as Final Fantasy and The Elder Scrolls, such games you only need to control one character and you always play it in the first person or third person, so you have only to push the buttons to decide your character’s movements, and you also can use the Directional Pad to select the options that appear in lists, the triggers and action buttons allow you to using items, changing your weapons, talking to people or opening menus, the two mini joysticks allow you to control the movements and the camera angle, that’s very cool, once you try them, you will find that they are very easy to use.

Resident Evil gamepad

First-Person Shooter

Maybe not all First-person shooter games are suitable to play with gamepad, but most First-person shooter games based on guns and projectile weapons allow you to use gamepad, for example, Resident Evil, Halo and Half-Life, it’s a great advantage to have the two mini joysticks, they will give you the ability to flexibly control the movements from your camera angle, this means you can get the enemy and destroy them more quickly, the other buttons also can help you increase your speed of changing weapons,  using items and opening menus rapidly. And now you know about how to make your enemy cry!


Sports and Racing

You will throw your keyboard and mouse away once you try to play these two type of games with gamepad, because you can easily control your character’s movements and the direction of your car by the joysticks, keyboard and mouse can not compare with the game pad on such games. Of course, you will say the optimum allocation of racing game is the steering wheel, yes, it certainly is, but don’t you think that it is too expensive and it doesn’t have a wide application? This just reflects the advantage of the gamepad.

Multiplayer Games

Most of the gamepads have a microphone jack built directly into the unit and support voice communications, so plug in your headset to your controller, then you can play games with your friends, don’t worry about the length of your headset  is too short, the wireless technology can avoid your  extra worries.

Though PC gamepad is not invincible, if you have chosen the right games for it, a PC gamepad can fully play its role and make you get the best gaming experience, it is just the magic of it.

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