best-x-rocker-gaming-chair The X Rocker Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 is going to change how you see gaming chairs. What makes this extremely comfortable chair a must-have in your home? What sets this gaming chair apart from other chairs that are on the market that you should have it for your home? Without going into specific details just yet, it should be noted that the Pedestal 2.1 is height-adjustable. It sits up on a pedestal, which allows you use it as a regular chair for your desk. Therefore, if you need a chair for your home or office desk, the Pedestal can work perfectly fine as such due to its height.

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3 Key Aspects That Make The Pedestal A Worthwhile Investment

The height alone makes the Pedestal a worthwhile investment; however, there are other aspects to this gaming device that makes it such a good idea for your home.

1 – Highly-Interactive Audio

The X Rocker Pro doesn’t just allow you hear the game’s sound effects but feel them too. Under the headrest, it’s outfitted with a couple of surround sound speakers and subwoofer.  The subwoofer and speakers uses the 2.1 Audio Force Modulation Technology of Ace Bayou.  The technology will bring them together to intensify the sound quality as well as the power of the user’s experience.

2 – Comfort and Relaxation

Now, the Pedestal is made of fake black leather that looks similar to a superior-quality lounge chair. You don’t even have to be gaming to enjoy it. Just sit down, read and listen to music. Choose the position you want the chair in – something comfortable. You’ll just need to turn and tilt it to your desired position. When it comes to gamers, the arms have been designed perfectly for use as gunstock arms, allowing for comfort while game-playing.  Since the chair sits on a pedestal, people who are taller than six-foot can use it comfortably.

3 – Connectivity

Any device that’s got an RCA output or headset can be linked up to the gaming chair. This includes a TV, Xbox, smartphone, iPod, etc. The chair also has a wireless transmitter that can be plugged directly into your device as well as a receiver that links to the transmitter.  If you have more than one of the Pedestal gaming chairs, they’ll actually link up to one another so you and friends can have an interactive gaming session. maxresdefault


  • Two great speakers and one built-in subwoofer 2.1 AFM system.
  • It is able to connect with multiple gaming chairs
  • A built-in radio wireless receiver, a wireless transmitter that can connect with any RCA connectors
  • allows for tilt and swivel, ergonomic design

What Are Some Of The Cons Of This Gaming Chair

There haven’t been too many complaints about the Pedestal. Of course, one issue that does come to mind is how uncomfortable it can be for large-sized folks.  The chair is accommodating for the weight of the majority of adults. However, for very overweight or extremely obese people, it can be uncomfortable. Thus, some people may want to ask the company to create a chair that can handle the bigger size. Since being listed on, it has received nearly 300 reviews with an average score of 4.1 out of 5. Most of the ratings have been positive with 5 stars being given although a small number of people, less than 20 have given it a 1 star. As you can see, a significant number of users are extremely happy with their purchase and positively recommend buying it. Most people mention how stable and comfortable it is, and love the outstanding audio output that comes with it. They also like how easy it is to put together and use along with its sturdiness. And, the prices for the Pedestal gaming chair are extremely competitive.

What Do People Say About This Gaming Chair?

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