Ultimate Guide to the Best PC Gaming Chair

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PreviewNameTypeList PriceReviews AmountRatingBuy On Amazon
PreviewNameTypeList PriceReviews AmountRatingBuy On Amazon
Herman Miller’s Aeron Chair Mesh$1,346.00764.0/5
Lorell Executive High-Back ChairMesh$375.004804.1/5
DXRacer FE08NB Gaming ChairLeather$349.00114.8/5
Boss Black LeatherPlus Executive ChairLeather$360.007143.8/5
Office Star Space Air Grid Back Managers ChairMesh and Leather$415.002684.3/5
Flash Furniture Executive Office ChairLeather$419.002603.8/5
LexMod Edge Office Chair Mesh and Leather$449.002403.8/5
High Back Executive Computer Chair Leather$94.991674.2/5
Mid Back Mesh Ergonomic Chair Mesh $54.991874.0/5
Alera Fraze High-Back Swivel/Tilt ChairLeather$349.003094.1/5

Why You need a PC Gaming Chair?

Choosing a gaming chair may not seem such a big deal. But, for gamers, the acquisition of a cool gaming chair is a really serious matter. What is one of the most important characteristics that the gaming throne you will buy is the ergonomic design. Sitting in a chair for too long can have awful consequences in the long term. Many of those who are truck drivers or call center operators have health problems after the age of forty because of sitting too much in a bad chair. Wouldn’t be a pity to have health issues just because you are a gamer? The good news is that you can protect your health by an ergonomic PC gaming chair, or an ergonomic office chair. You may have read our post “Best Gaming Chair for Xbox/PS”, but when you are playing PC games like World of Warcraft or League of Leagues, you have to control the keyboard and mouse which means you have to sit straight up for a long time, at this case declining chair is not a good choice, you may need a standard PC gaming chair. So we did some detailed reviews on the most popular PC Gaming Chairs in the market, before you make a choice, there are different aspects to consider.

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Which is better for Gaming: Leather or Mesh?

If you test each of the two types of chairs in an office, may be the conclusion you will reach is that leather is the most comfortable material. A leather office chair feels very soft, a feeling that is similar to the one given by sitting on a couch. The problem is this comfortable sensation does not last more than a few hours. This loss of comfort is caused by the fact that leather has no breathability. When the weather is hot, if you don’t wear a t-shirt, you can end up sweating a lot. The alternative is using a mesh chair, because this type of chair can provide comfort as long as you like. Mesh chairs are really breathable.

How Important Is An Ergonomic Design?

Many gamers don’t think about their health as a top priority until something goes wrong. There are exceptions among professional gamers, who spend even more time on chairs (whether it is a gaming chair or an office chair). The main benefit of an ergonomic chair is that it forces you to sit in such a way that is helping you avoid problems with your back. After sitting for multiple hours, back injuries can begin to occur. The best chair that you can get would be one that has two main features: it is adjustable and provides back lumbar support. If you search for good chairs, you could find some cheap models that have almost the same features as some of the more expensive models. The following five models can be considered as great choices.

Top Five PC Gaming Chair Reviews

1.Office Star Space Professional Air Grid Back Managers Chair with Eco Leather Seat


This model is made to look good in any type of work environment. The design is innovative and beautiful.


The best breathability and comfort are ensured by the eco leather seat with mesh siding. The height can be adjusted through the one touch pneumatic function. You can decide if you want to connect the arms or not. The adjustments are similar to the ones of more expensive models.


The seat is not as comfortable as a Herman Miller chair, but it is stylish and costs less than one third.


If you want a stylish seat for a good price and enough adjustment, this chair can be great for you.

2.Lorell’s Executive Office Chair for Gaming


This chair model is meant for gamers who have an average or above average height. Made of mesh, the chair can breathe well, helping users to sweat less when they sit for a long period of time.


Gamers who spend many hours playing games may surely appreciate this breathable chair. The ergonomic design of the back can provide a natural curvature for the spine. The height and the width of the arms can be adjusted. Compared to expensive Aeron chairs, Lorell’s Executive Office Chair for Gaming is a much cheaper alternative, with similar features. The chair can be adjusted in any way that you could imagine. The back and the seat have three control levels.


Even if armrests are adjustable, they are not ideal. This chair is heavy duty and can damage even high quality carpets.


Lorelle’s Executive Office Chair for Gaming can be a great choice for taller gamers and a budget solution that can be an alternative to Aero chairs. The multifunction mechanism allows any type of adjustment.

3.DXRacer FE08NB PC Gaming Chairs


DX Racer is sharp looking type of chair meant for gamers who like something sportier. You can choose from different colors and styles. The upholstery can be made of cloth, vinyl, or you can choose a patented race car.


DX Racer Office Chairs look awesome and they are also designed to be ergonomic. Each chair has a high straight backrest. The majority of the products have an adjustable and detachable lumbar and pillows for the neck. For example, the PVC Recliner Esport has completely adjustable armrests, adjustable high gas spring and a tilt mechanism. These chairs are manufactured using strict quality standards and they can support the entire spinal column due to the higher backrest. BTW, DX Racer has sponsored many gaming teams/programs/events, such like WCG , IEM, LCS, WCS , DREAMHACK,UMG etc.


What people may not like about DX Racer Chairs is that they may not feel as soft as other type of office or gaming chairs.


DX Racer Chairs are specifically meant for gamers, especially for cyber gaming. They are meant for those who appreciate sporty chairs that look good and have a lot of functions.

4.Boss Black LeatherPlus Executive Chair


If you are looking for the best ergonomic leather gaming chairs, the chair manufactured by Boss Office Product can be the right choice. Boss Office Product is a Norstar firm that makes different types of furniture for offices.


The chair has full ergonomic design and lumbar support for helping people avoid back pain. This computer chair is one of the best that you can acquire if you are spending many hours on the computer. No matter how much you will sit on it, lumbar support will be optimal.


Because of its height, people having certain heights may have trouble with it. Breathability may be affected, because of the leather fabric.


This seat is specifically meant to help people reduce back pain and provides ultimate sitting comfort.

5.Herman Miller’s Aeron Chair


Aeron Chair is probably the best PC gaming ergonomic chair that you can find. Herman Miller owns many patents in the market of ergonomic chair. The chairs supplied by Herman Miller are of a premium quality. This type of chair can be typical in the offices of a law firm in New York.


Aeron Chair has a sleek look and you can choose from nine colors. The mesh fabric is a high tech and patented material by Herman Miller. It is meant to keep the person sitting on the chair always cool. In this way, the chair is constantly kept breathable. Your weight can be distributed equally while sitting. For more ergonomics, there is a waterfall seat edge. The chair is able to adjust to your body each time you change your position. There are different adjustment mechanisms installed. This category of chairs is the one that can last for a lifetime, as it comes with a twelve year warranty from the manufacturer. The components can be replaced, because the manufacturer can be able to supply extra parts.


Expensive, an leather chair can cost up to 1000 dollars, you may consider it if you don’t have any budget problem or really need a top quality chair constantly protect your back, worrying about the price can become a secondary thing. Some people who have used this type of chair have said that the back could be a little higher.


Aeron Chair by Herman Miller may be a little expensive, but it has incredibly long warranty and is used by reputable law firms in New York. When it comes to providing comfort and keeping your body healthy, this chair is among the best.

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