If you are a serious gamer, if you are a oil prince and if you think those so called best gaming chairs are not real best, you should have a loot at this ultimate gaming chair – Emperor 200, cool special and completely out of your imagination.

Emperor 200 has a unique shape, the ergonomic design enable users to work long time without fatigue, that is very important, if you are a high-level gamer, you must know the feeling of backache after sitting for a long time.

CES 2009 1


An electric powered Italian leather seat which has the virtue of being adjustable. Beyond that, Emperor 200 also has several exclusive features; electric actuators, 360o programmable rotating podium, 10″ touch screen interface, a touch screen control center, up to 3 x 27″ LED screens which allow to show the pictures with different angle and a variety of computer spec options, a air filtering system which can prevent your vision is obscured by the crumbs or smoke, light therapy, Bose 5 audio surround-sound system. Emperor 200 is really a all-in-one perfect gaming chair, I forgot to tell you that it was sold for $49,150, the price is enough to buy a BMW 5 Series, life is so tough…… but there is a cheaper version, Emperor Workstation 1510, sold for $5,950 US.

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