No matter what type of game you like, be it the first person shooters, RPGs, or MMOs, the more you get immersed into it, the more interesting the game will be to you. It is for that reason that passionate computer game lovers require chairs like the H3. Companies like X Rocker, inspired by this, strive to deliver exquisite designs with top class features. The 3 most important features of a gaming chair are; the sound quality that it can deliver, its comfort level, and ease of its connection to the gaming environment. Having tested the H3 chair on all the three levels, we agree that it does indeed deserve its 5-star rating, a reason as to why it managed to secure a slot in our ultimate chair guide.

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Sound quality

The X Rocker chair has four speakers with an additional and independent sub-woofer. All this is under the fact that the sound system is meant for use by an individual person sitting on the chair. One would be inclined to say that it is a bit too much. However, the sound quality is mind blowing, with impeccable matching of sound from all the speakers and sub-woofer. Vibration motors installed on the H3, which synchronize with the sub-woofer, gives an actual feeling of deep rumbling in your body, as if there was a major earthquake, which just goes a long way in magnifying its performance.


The Rocker H3 is made of faux leather. It might not be real leather but it sure works perfectly for it. No matter your height or weight, the chair is made to comfortably accommodate you, allowing you to either fold your legs near its edge or stretch them out. It also has nicely padded arms that give more comfort to a player, especially for a game with a first person interface. The only drawback that may affect only a handful of people in terms of comfort is the vibration motors, which are quite strong and powerful and may be distasteful after prolonged use. Obviously, there is a simple solution to it, which is simply turning them off.

Connectivity and controls.

The chair uses wireless audio, which has an easy access control panel with a separate vibration, volume, and bass controls. These allow for easy operation of the controls individually. It features connecting jacks for both input and output devices for simple connection to audio sources or other gaming chair users for the case of multiple players.

The audio receiver of the chair is in-built and includes a wireless transmitter that can send crystal clear audio from RCAA connectors of any audio source or headsets to the chair. It also comes with RCA cables just to simply provide more options.


A handful of customers complained about the vibration of the chair. There reasons were that the vibration effects somehow felt unpleasant to other nearby people and that it is inappropriate for children. The chair is however designed to be used by adults and very high volume is what causes the vibrations to be too much, not forgetting the fact that you can always turn the vibration off.


-4 speakers surround sound system

-Easy to access and control

-Additional vibration motors with the bass tones

-Build-in wireless radio receiver and transmitter


The audio experience that you will get with this chair is comparable to non-other, and with its heavenly comfort, great controls and superb connectivity, it ensures that you truly get to be part of the gaming action. Its user friendliness and affordability just add on the reasons as to why you will love it. It is the ultimate gaming chair that will give you an unforgettable experience in the gaming world.

The powerful gaming chair has already received over 212 customer reviews with over 147 of them being 5-star. Most of the customers have cited ergonomics, comfort, vibration, audio quality, and affordability. This clearly illustrates the pure and gratifying gaming experience that it offers.

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