Will using my X-Rocker empower me to dominate the video-game universe?

Of course, just type “show me the money”

What devices can connect to my Bluetooth X Rocker?

X Rocker are compatible with some mobile devices which have Bluetooth enabled, for example, some computers, tablets and phones. Bluetooth gaming consoles use bluetooth for controllers but not the audio, so X Rocker can work in standard mode, but not in Bluetooth audio mode. “Wired” audio setup and optional HDMI converter setup can be used for televisions and monitors with RCA connections.

If your television does not have RCA connections, but only has HDMI connections, you can buy an HDMI converter, and then there is a HDMI converter connection guide on the X Rocker support page for your reference.

How do I hook My chair to my gaming console?

If you want to connect directly to your gaming console, you can use an HDMI converter or optional USB converter. X Rocker applies to monitor audio or television. On the support/manuals page, you will find specific hook up relevant information.

Where is the model number or product number?

You can find the product number or model number or product number in two places. One is the back of your chair, there is a tag, the last five digits of the barcode on the tag are what you want to see. The other one is the cover of your user’s manual. In addition, you’d better know the number before you call customer support.

Question about wireless models, what does “wireless” mean?

X Rocker is a wireless-capable game chairs, but one thing we want to make it clear to you is that X Rocker need an external power source to supply power, so it is also equipped with a power adapter, one end of that has to be connected to power outlet, only in this way can achieve all the functions, including Bluetooth function. And sometimes, if necessary, wireless models can still be hard-wired if you want.

Do I have to purchase the wireless kit after I purchased a wireless model chair?

A wireless-capable game chairs have all the necessary components to enable the wireless function. So you don’t need to buy the wireless kit.  One wireless kit includes a set of applicable (standard) RCA audio cables, a receiver and a transmitter.

How to prevent frequency-bleeding in a room full of wireless game chairs?

Don’t you worry about frequency-bleeding occurs in a room which is full of wireless game chairs.

It may be possible to encase a chair’s transmitter in a metal box, directing it’s beam to the intended chair through the box’s open end.

There are some questions about TX box

One TX box can send sound to multiple chairs, the chair’s band frequency and the TX box’s frequency must be same. The power adapter for TX Box doesn’t come with the chair, you can buy one (DC 3V/ between 1000 and 2000mA)in electronics stores.

Will sound come from the TV, surround-sound, etc?

The sound doesn’t come from the TV, surround-sound, etc, only comes from the chair when the chair is in use.

Question about the seat-height on a pedestal-mounted chair

The seat-height on a pedestal-mounted chair is not adjustable,the seat height is  nearly 18 inches  from the ground.

How far off the ground is the seat of a floor-rocker?

On average, the seat of a floor-rocker is nearly 8.5 inches from the ground.

What is the weight limit on the chairs?

The maximum weight allowable for a floor-rocker is 275 lbs, pedestal-mounted is 275 lbs, recliner is 400 lbs.

The conversion of the chair

A floor-rocker is not engineered to sit on the mounting components, so it can’t be converted to a pedestal mounted game chair. But a pedestal-mounted chair can be converted to a floor-rocker, because the mounting components on some chairs can be removed, this will allow the chair to sit and rock on the floor.

Which devices are compatible with my game chairs?

Any device that is capable of emitting and/or redirecting sound via standard RCA audio cables are compatible with your game chair, including all game system makes, DVD players, smart phones and so on.

How to change-out my chair’s control panel?

If you want to change-out your chair’s control panel, there are six steps. Step 1: Remove the screws that hold in the panel. Step 2: Pull the panel out of the chair. Step 3: Remove/ unclip the sets of wires clipped into the back of the panel. (If hardened adhesive is present, simply pry off.) Step 4: Plug/ clip the sets of wires into the new panel. Step 5: Slide new panel back into chair. Step 6: Insert screws back into the panel.

Can I use a game-play head-set with your chairs?

Typically, yes. For more detailed instructions/ information, please contact the head-set manufacturer.

If I’m in the United Kingdom, how do I get help with my chair?

1. Click the INSTRUCTIONS link here, and download the .pdf of the instructions for your Rocker. 2. Need more help? Email support@x-rocker.co.uk 3. Want to talk to someone? Contact our customer service department: call 0844 846 7511

What is the polarity of the game chair’s adapter?

Positive-tippedis the power adapter required by the chair.

If I have a difficult time finding a power adapter.  Do you sell them?

The chair requires a power adapter with an electrical output that is AC 10V/1.2A, and if you are having a difficult time finding one, we sell them.  For availability and pricing, please inquire by E-mail (service@acebayou.com), phone (866-969-2603) or letter (Ace Bayou Corporation, 1040 Higgs Rd, Lewisburg, TN 37091, attention: Customer Service).

Will my fellow game-players, who do not own X-Rockers, attempt to dethrone the KING?

. . . possibly.

Question about X-Rocker’s vibration feature

Unlike a rumble-pack that is commonly found in game system controllers, X-Rocker combines volume, bass and a vibratory mechanism, this created the X-Rocker’s vibration feature.

About a personalized/ custom-made chair

Currently, we are not offering a personalized/ custom-made chair.

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