If you are an ardent video game lover, you must own one of the best chairs for playing video games in 2014. When playing, many hardly notice how fast time moves. But with many hours of playing, back pain is one problem many face. However, that can be evaded with these chairs that are meant to aid gamers.

Though there are many options, the best chair should be chosen based on the functionality, brand, durability, design, features, etc. Undoubtedly, you are looking at getting the best bang for your buck! In this article, we are going to talk about the top five gaming chair brand for consoles or computer. This way, you will be able to choose the right chair for your needs.

Top Five Gaming Chair Brand

#1. X Rocker Video Game Chairs


X Rocker video game chairs got a great success in this industry in last few years, it is the most popular gaming chair now, aim to make your gaming experience realistic. Once you bring home one and unpack, installation hardly takes about ten minutes. Then, you are all set to go. The chair vibrates according to sounds of the game, making gaming quite exciting.

Since it wirelessly connected, there are no interferences whatsoever. It is quite responsive to the moves you make during the game and movements are adapted quite fast.

#2. Cohesion Video Game Chairs


Want to feel the vibe and enjoy your racing experience while gaming? Cohesive video game chairs should be your first choice, if you want to enjoy gaming to the fullest. Their chairs are designed for gamers and the armrest is great for a tired arm after long hours of play. Their designing suits body contour well and offers a comfortable gaming experience. While many laud the design and comfort of Cohesion, some feel they could have done something to improve the sound quality to complete the gaming experience.

#3.Playseat Video Game Chairs


Love sophistication? Playseat should definitely have a place in your list, as they make advanced and professional gaming chairs for console gamers. The only fact that NASCAR licenses them, speaks volumes about the racing experience it has to offer. Their patented steering wheel support is also adjustable, which makes it even more interesting.

Their steering wheel plate can suit most wheels and they also have a quick release handle, which makes adjustments to any height or length easy. Changing positions is easy, thanks to the two knobs that can be twisted with ease and the telescopic steering column, which help change positions quickly.

#4. DX Racer PC Gaming Chair


Adult gamers particularly find this brand comfortable for PC games. Their chairs are spacious and come with chrome rails. It is easier for people who want larger chairs that make gaming comfortable.

There are controls around the chair and there’s a remote control, which makes changing settings easy. Depending on the functionality you need for a game, you can choose from the many options out here. Many find the off ground base, comfortable seating arrangement, adjustable swivel and tilt and most importantly, flexibility with the gaming device interesting.

DX Racer has sponsored many PC games, like Dota 2, Starcraft 2, your favorite team maybe is using DX Racer Gaming Chair now.

#5. Lumisource for Computer Gamers


Stingray is a model from Lumisource, which is modern and quite different from the many options out there. Not only that it is comfortable, it also ensures best game play excitement.

The sound quality is good when used indoors, though when outside, the gamers get sound effects, but it is not audible to those around them. That’s a plus!

With seats from Lumisource, gamers can rest assured they won’t be left with any aches, pain or discomfort after hours of playing. The design ensures highest level of comfort, so gamers can concentrate on their game, fully.

Other brands

AK Rocker 

AK Rocker was good, but they are no longer in production.


This brand is no longer in the market, you can find the support from razor.

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