Do you still remember your feeling when you played your first video game?  Until now, we haven’t forgotten the excitement. Today computer video games have become part of our everyday lives, a comfortable gaming desk has become a must for a serious player. There are a lot of topics of gaming desks, like sizes, prices and shapes. Today, we discuss five coolest gaming desks you have never seen.


1. The Emperor 200

I thought I heard the cry of surprise, yes, it is a luxury computer workstation, the ultimate gaming chair, it has a very cool appearance, but it is not the key point, the major point is that the Emperor 200 has three 27 – inch LED screens, a Bose 5.1 Surround Sound system, an air-filtering system, electric leather seat, wireless noise-canceling headphones and so on,  almost every part of it is out of your imagination, it is even perfect in all details. But it is also selling at a high price, $44,750, it is enough to buy a BMW 5 Series, what a price! So you must consider it carefully before you make a final decision.

The 401 Driving Simulator

2. The 401 Driving Simulator

if you are a big fan of racing games, the 401 Driving Simulator will be your perfect equipment, because it has a special feature which will create a realistic experience for you, is it what you want? You even can feel the feeling of turning a corner, car ran out of control, spinning, acceleration, deceleration or fishtailing when you play your game, all these sensations the 401 Driving Simulator gives you can make you feel that as if you actually are a racing driver or an air pilot, by the way, the 401 also can be applied to flight simulation games, it’s cool. It is understood the gaming chair ranges in price from $55,000 to $70,000, I have to admit that the price is too expensive for most gamers, paying attention to price changes if you are interested.

The Pro Gaming Table

3. The Pro Gaming Table

Don’t worry about the price, it features a comfortably-placed multi-tiered design, it provides plenty of room for up to three 21-inch LCD monitors, a printer, a keyboard, all your joysticks, computer towers, multifunction panels and other various accessories, if you want to have a table which can hold all of your gaming goods, This multitiered gaming table from Digital Edge suits you perfectly, It is very powerful, but it is not as expensive as you think, it is only $379.

The D-Box GP Pro 200

4. The D-Box GP Pro 200

The 401 Driving Simulator is too expensive, but never mind, the best gaming desks for racing and flying games is not only the 401, the D-Box GP Pro 200 can make your experience racing or flying at a lower cost, it has an adjustable seat and recliner, a three-point seat belt and three motion actuators. The D-BOX motion system is synchronized with the action on screen, which lets you feel like you actually in the game. The D-Box GP Pro 200 also comes with an adjustable platform for joystick, steering wheel or keyboard. It owns so many cool features and costs around $15,000. By comparison, maybe it is an ideal choice for the racing enthusiast.

The Ovei Capsule

5. The Ovei Capsule

The design is so cool, we have to mention its designer Lee McCormack, its appearance is so attractive that I really want to take it home. But the Ovei Capsule not only owns a fine appearance, it  is also a gaming station, there’s an LCD display and a 5.1 sound system in it, the Ovei Capsule could provide a perfect personal space for you, you can use it to play games or work. I believe that it will give you a very different gaming experience. This capsule is sold for around $ 100,000.

Actually, these five gaming desks are just the tip of the iceberg, and many gaming desks are excellent in both their looks and the functions. These desks are great but I only have 200$ budget! Don’t worry, read these cool and cheap gaming desks reviews, you will find a good one.

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