Ultimate Guide to the Best Gaming Headset Stands

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A new study has discovered that millions of people around the world spend over 3 billion hours per week on video games. This had not been the case in the recent past. Wondering why? If you are a diehard video gaming enthusiast, you shouldn't be wondering why people enjoy playing video games so much. This is because the reason is right there with you. You love video gaming because most modern games have given players a chance to run towards their ideals. The design of modern games and setting gives players a real chance to act and be like their ideal self.

Now, what's your role when it comes to video gaming? Please don't say your role is to play the game! Your role is to embrace the fun that games offer by employing the right gaming environment. The audio is one of the most important components of a video gaming environment. For gaming audio output, the headset is the next important peripheral after the surround sound system. This is because you cannot turn on your surround sound late into the night when everyone else in your family is asleep. So, the best option is to invest in a gaming headset.

Why You Need a Gaming Headset Stand?

If you are like other video gamers, you’ve probably spent a decent amount of money on gaming headphones. If so, you're then obliged to try out the best ways of protecting your investment. Now, that you’ve finally investment, how should you store your beloved audiophile headsets? Do you place them on the floor, lay them on the computer desk, or simply hang them from the edge of your TV screen?

Some people would take the approaches above, or even other crazy approaches, when it comes to storing their headphones. While there might be no offense to anyone, such weird approaches are neither safe to the headset nor aesthetically appealing. In fact, the floor does make a pretty poor headset stand. If you place them on the floor, your roommate's or your leg can accidentally land on the head candy.

The right approach to storing your headphone is to place them on a headset stand. The only way to protect your headset is to place them on a gaming headset stand. Moreover, the stand is the only place you can beautifully store and prominently display your hi-fi headsets. This brings in the idea of having a nice-looking gaming or office environment. Who won't like it? Only those who don't have a taste, I guess.

What Makes the Best Gaming Headset Stand?

There is a big assortment of stands for headset in the present market. A simple search on Google, or any other search engine, can roughly reveal to you the number of available options for headphone stands. This brings in the big question on how to choose the best gaming headset stand.

The best way to make it and not break the bank is to do the search for a headphone stand from online shops. In relation to that, below is an overview of the five most popular headset stands in Amazon.

Five Most Popular Headset Stands in Amazon

1. Ear Force HS1 Headset Stand:

Ear Force HS1 Headset Stand

This headset stand was initially designed for the Turtle Beach gaming headphones. However, it is no longer limited to Turtle Beach headphones. HS1 has a universal compatibility, i.e. it's suitable for storing any brand of gaming headphones.

The design of this headset stand enables it to sit comfortably on your desktop or tabletop. This stand is an easy solution for storing your headsets on your desktop. It's an attractive stand with a beautiful black matte finish. The stand also features chromed metal brackets for holding your headset in place as well as supporting the base. The base is also fitted with rubber feet that prevent the stand from sliding off the surface.

HS1 is a great way of protecting your headsets from damage as well as protecting against extra wear and tear. Display your video gaming gear with this attractive headset stand.

2. Cosmos Headphones Stand (Matte Black):

Cosmos Headphones Stand

This is a Cosmos brand headset stand. It's designed to be compatible with all brands of professional gaming headphones. The stand is made from a plastic material with a rubberized finish. It is matte black in color. Black is a unique color that can blend excellently with any other color. So, Cosmos stand is ideal for placing on different surfaces of any color.

Other than holding your headphones, the stand also protects the earcups from dust invasion. This means your headsets will no longer have to bear with all the dust they collect while laying on the table. Additionally, the use of this stand protects your headphones from getting unnecessary scratches over time.

3. Cosmos Brand Piano Glossy White Musical Headphone Stand:

Cosmos Brand Piano Glossy White Musical Headphone Stand

This headset carrying stand is yet another Cosmos Brand. It's one of the most popular Cosmos Brand headphone stands. They are made from a high quality acrylic material with glossy piano white finish. The musical finish gives the stand an acrylic-white musical color. The stand is generally heavy (13.4 oz) to enhance its stability.

These stands were initially popular among DJs. However, the popularity has now grown among video gaming enthusiast. This is because the stand is a universal fit for any brand of professional or DJ headsets.

4. Cosmos Brand Piano Glossy Black Musical Headphone Stand:

Cosmos Brand Piano Glossy Black Musical Headphone Stand:

This is another headset holder from the Cosmos Brand. DJs and video gamers will definitely love this stand. The acrylic-black musical color can blend with nearly every color in your room. This is one of the reasons why this stand is popular. The stand is also made heavy with a wide and flat base to improve its stability.

Just like other products from the Cosmos Brand, this holder is universally compatible with all brands of DJ and professional headsets. So, this holder makes a perfect place where you can place your professional gaming headphones.

5. Brainwavz Peridot Headphone Stand:

Brainwavz Peridot Headphone Stand

This is one of the most stylish headphone holders in the market. It will definitely look good in your gaming setting. The amazing truth is that all Brainwavz headphone holder are handcrafted. The fact that the holders are handmade brings in slight variations. However, these variations don't alter the look and feel of the stands. Instead, the handcrafting gives each and every stand a unique finishing touch.

The Brainwavz Peridot headset stand is made from a strong 8mm thick plastic. This makes it more durable as well as giving it a solid and sturdy feel. Moreover, the material is heavy to enhance the stability of the holder. The stands are also fitted with a laser etched Brainwavz logo, which adds some sense of authenticity. The holder can accommodate all sizes of headphones. That is, wide or narrow headphone bands and large or small cup size headsets can comfortably sit on it.


Are you still in a dilemma on where to place or display your fairly expensive pair of headphones? The five headset holders discussed above constitute a great way to display your headsets whenever you're not using them. One of the main reasons why the five holders above are most common is that they fulfill their purpose quite well. Another reason is because they are attractive. The final reason is that the price of each of the holders is reasonable.