Ultimate Guide to the Best Gaming Microphone

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PreviewNameTypeList PriceReviews AmountRatingBuy On Amazon
Audio-Technica AT2020USB USB MicrophoneCondenser$149.004764.5/5
CAD U37 Studio Recording MicrophoneCondenser $79.00 5844.3/5
Samson Meteor USB Studio MicrophoneCondenser $149.992954.4/5
Blue Snowflake USB MicrophoneCondenser $40.992144.0/5
Blue Yeti MicrophoneCondenser $149.0018644.5/5
Samson Go Portable USB MicCondenser $89.995804.3/5
Blue Snowball USB MicrophoneCondenser $99.0014544.4/5
Shure PG42-USB Vocal MicrophoneCondenser $311.00344.5/5
Sony ECMCS3 Omnidirectional Stereo MicrophoneCondenser $19.991504.3/5
Samson G-Track USB Condenser MicrophoneCondenser$96.96824.2/5
MXL R144 Ribbon MicrophoneRibbon $77.25 354.2/5
Plantronics M50 Bluetooth HeadsetWireless$49.9951824.1/5

How To Choose A Good Gaming Microphone (Buying Guide)

Are you in search of the best gaming microphone? Well, it must first strike your mind that microphones are versatile and diverse at the same time. This means that you are bound to come across a wide range of options when looking for the ideal gaming microphone. Your aim should be getting the best irrespective of the daunting choosing task.
There are some key factors that must be accounted for in order to get the ultimate choice of a microphone. Such factors should not be snubbed whatsoever since they go a long way in dictating the gaming experience you will get.
Here are important things to consider:


This is the major point of microphone diversification. You will realize that there are different types of microphones in existence. Some of them may not work well in gaming while others are a perfect match. It is therefore very important to understand various types of microphones and their purposes. Some of the main types prevailing in the market include:
• Dynamic microphones– The sensitivity of this type of microphone is generally low and that is why they are not used in studios. They are known not to pick detailed audio. They are however the cheapest option for gaming purposes.
• Condenser microphones– They are more sophisticated as compared to dynamic microphones since they pick up even the slightest detail of audio. The problem is that they cannot be used in live events since they can easily generate feedback. You will realize that condenser microphones are much more expensive as compared to dynamic microphones.
• Ribbon microphone– Its name emanates from a ribbon that suspends in a magnetic field hence allowing the microphone to transform vibrations into sound. One of the distinguishing clear cuts between other microphones and Ribbon is that the latter is more fragile and delicate. Additionally, the audio sensitivity of this microphone is on the higher side as compared to others. Not to mention, ribbon microphones are way smaller than other types.
Out of the three mentioned types, ribbon microphones are most recommended for the fact that they are of high quality and small at the same time. In fact, you can mount them on your fabrics as you play your game. Dynamic and condenser microphones can also be used though with some limitations.

Polar Patterns

This is yet another very imperative factor that must be accounted for any time you are in search of a gaming microphone. It is important to note that a microphone must pick sound from a certain direction. Polar pattern is the core determinant of where the reception direction of the microphone is. In order to enjoy utmost fun when gaming, it is advised that you go for a microphone which has the capacity to pick sound from all directions (omnidirectional). Such a microphone will give you no limitations when gaming since you can position it in whatever way you want.

Other polar pattern options include cardioid, shotgun, hyper-cardioid, super-cardioid, bidirectional among others. They all have distinguishing clear cuts with regard to the direction they receive sound from.

Frequency Response

Basically, the sound output you will get depends on the frequency response of a microphone. It might interest you to know that some microphones have higher frequency response while others are on the lower side. Frequency response is, in other words, the level of sensitivity a microphone has to sound. It is usually indicated in the user manual or the package of a microphone.

It is very important to ensure that you go for a microphone that has high sensitivity to your sound. If your sound is deep, it would be best to consider a microphone that has low sensitivity to bass. This is because you might end up distorting the final output after choosing the wrong microphone. A perfect match for that case is a microphone that is highly sensitive to sharp and lighter sounds.

Audio Interface

Basically, there are two options of audio interface for microphones. The first interface is Analog. This is considered a better option since the microphones are not as sophisticated as others when it comes to connection. All you need is to connect it directly to your PC and it will be ready for use. What’s more, such microphones allow for additional audio gear. This means that you can boost audio in effort to make it better.
The other interface option is USB. They are usually connected to PCs by way of USB. Such microphones feature a couple of limitations as compared to their Analog counterparts. For instance, you might require a specific pre-amp that will match with your USB microphone. They are however sophisticated and in line with modernity.

Noise Cancellation

It is indisputable that you are in search of a microphone that will offer you the best audio output. One of the prime things that ensure clean and undistorted audio is the noise cancellation function in microphones. Such microphones will only capture your sound and mask the background noise. For people who love gaming in public places, microphones with noise cancellation function are preferable.

Top Ten Gaming Microphone in the Market

1. Audio-Technica Condenser Microphone

Audio-Technica AT2020USB Cardioid CondenserIt is one of the best gaming microphones whose interface is USB based. It is considered ideal in recording sound in a noisy environment. This is because it has the capacity to reduce background noise hence giving a crystal clear output. It also comes with a low mass diaphragm meant to boost frequency response to something better. Not to mention, the microphone also has cardioid polar pattern which allows it to receive sound from both the sides and the rear part.
The good thing about this microphone is that it is very easy to set up. Additionally, it offers quality sound output hence making your gaming experience incredible.

2. CAD U37 Recording Microphone


This is yet another condenser microphone whose quality cannot be compromised at all. It is simply an integration of features that make gaming a good experience. The microphone comes with a base reduction switch to enable you reduce background noise manually. It also comes with an extended frequency response to make it more sensitive to sound. It has the capacity to record audio even in the noisiest environments. The polar pattern of the microphone is cardioid hence making its sound reception best.

3. Samson Meteor Microphone

Samson Meteor Mic USB Studio Microphone
The fold-back legs that come with this microphone allows you to position it strategically to ensure utmost sound reception. The cardioid polar pattern of the microphone goes a long way in ensuring multidirectional sound reception. The high and extended frequency reception plays part in boosting the sensitivity of the microphone to sound. One of the advantages of this microphones is that they are versatile hence they can adapt to different environments. They are also very easy to use.

4. Blue Microphones Snowflake

Blue Microphones SnowflakeIt might to be simple but it is one of the most sophisticated and preferred gaming microphones available in the market. It has a very high frequency response to provide you with the best audio output. It is highly sensitive to sound and has the capacity to reduce background noise. The good thing about the microphone is that it is completely portable hence can be carried to any place conveniently. It is also uniquely designed to fit on your desk without any form of congestion. Not to mention, the microphone is fully compatible with Mac and Windows OS.

5. Blue Microphones Yeti

71iYi09uO5L._SL1500_You will like the fact that this microphone comes with 3 condenser capsules. For your information, such capsules allow the microphone to record in any situation. Additionally, the microphone features multi pattern selection. The sound reception is done in different polar patterns which include cardioid, omnidirectional, bidirectional and stereo. This is an added complement to sound recording.

6. Samson Go Condenser Microphone

Samson Go Mic Portable USB Condenser MicrophoneThis is yet another portable version of a gaming microphone. It is designed in a manner that it can be carried to different places with utmost convenience. It is also compatible with different operating systems hence making it more preferable. It makes a perfect match with different audio recording software. The only downside is that the microphone has low sensitivity to sound and can record background noise.

7. Blue Microphones Snowball

Blue Microphones Snowball USB Microphone The USB output allows for direct integration of the microphone with a PC. This means that the connection and setup of the microphone is incredibly easy. The dual capsule feature combines both cardioid and omni directional reception elements for clear sound output. The microphone also comes with a switch designed to reduce background noise for clear recording. Other accessories that come with the microphone include desktop stand alongside a USB cable. For your information, the microphone operates under the Plug n play basis.

8. Shure Vocal Microphone

Shure PG42-USBThe fact that this microphone has Zero Latency Monitoring makes it one of the best options. This is because it offers the best playback as well as multi-tracking. Note that all that is achieved without any disorientation. Additionally, the microphone comes with a headset to allow you monitor the recording process closely. Additionally, the sound reception of this microphone is on the higher side hence providing you with the best game recording experience.

9. Sony Clip Style Microphone

Sony ECMCS3 Clip style Omnidirectional Stereo MicrophoneLike the name states, this is a clip microphone which can be attached on your clothes for convenient and easy recording. The microphone has the capacity to rotate hence it can be positioned at the most preferred position based on sound direction. Considering that the microphone is from the Sony Company, you should expect nothing but quality. The problem is that the sensitivity of the microphone may not work ideally for you especially if it is being used for other purposes aside from gaming. You must place it so close to the sound source for better reception.

10. Samson G-Track Condenser Microphone

Samson G-Track USB Condenser Microphone with Audio InterfaceIt operates under the super-cardioid technology hence its reception is better as compared to others. It has the capacity to sense the slightest sound and cancel noise at the same time. In addition, the microphone does not require any drivers for it to operate with your PC. A simple plug and play is enough to allow you do the recording right away. It also offers three position headphone switch which you can vary depending on the mode you want. Interestingly, the microphone can be used for other purposes aside from gaming. It is indeed a preferable option.

Gaming Headset Microphones


If you do not prefer using the above mentioned microphones, a headset can work ideally as an alternative. Headsets are good in the sense that they incorporate both the microphone and the speakers in one setting. In addition, headsets do not require any special drivers for them to operate on your PC. All you need is to insert both jack pins to their respective ports and you will be ready to enjoy an incredible gaming experience. The problem is that some microphones featured in headsets may not be so sensitive to sound hence they can offer poor audio output. You must therefore aim at getting the best headset and nothing less.