Ultimate Guide to the Best Gaming Monitor

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Name ASUS VS278QP ASUS MX279HSamsung U28D590DASUS VG248QE BenQ RL2455HMASUS PB278QDell E2414Hx
Size27-Inch27-Inch28-Inch24-Inch24-Inch 27-Inch24-Inch
Max Resolution1920 x 10801920x10804K 3840 x 21601920x1080 1920 x 10802560x14401920 x 1080
Refresh Rate60Hz60Hz60Hz144 Hz60Hz60Hz60Hz
Response Time1ms5ms1ms1ms1ms 5ms5ms
Brightness 300 cd/m2250 cd/㎡370 cd/m²350 cd/㎡250 cd/㎡300 cd/m2250 cd/㎡
Built-in SpeakersYesYesNoNoYesYesNo
Viewing Angle 170°/160° 178°/178° 170°/ 160°170°/160°170°/160°178°/178°160°/ 170°
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Things To Look For In A Gaming Monitor (Buyers Guide)

In order to have the best gaming experience, there is need to ensure that you only choose the best monitor. The problem is that the market features a great deal of gaming monitors and it might be hard to get the best. It is imperative to note that out of the many brands in circulation, not all can serve you best. This implies that you have to channel in profound efforts to ensure that you get the ultimate best monitor for gaming. To make the gaming monitors selection quest easier, here are the key things you have to consider:

• Size- One of the traits that you cannot snub when choosing a gaming monitor is size. Basically, a lot of things in gaming monitors depend on size. You will realize that there are monitors which are incredibly big while others are small. The problem with most people is that they believe that bigger is always better. For your information, you can get a big gaming monitor and fail to enjoy the best experience. There are small gaming monitors that are really small but way better than the larger ones. The idea here is to go for a monitor whose size matches with your favorite games. In most cases, it is recommended that you go for a monitor whose size lies between 23 and 27 inches. Research shows that such monitors are best for game display.

• Resolution– There is a close relationship between resolution of a gaming monitor and size. The distinguishing clear cut is that size means the bodily appearance while resolution refers to graphics and words. There are monitors which have a very poor display of both graphics and words while others are on the better side. It is greatly advised that you read the resolution specifications of a gaming monitor as provided by the manufacturer before buying it. If possible, you should have the monitor tested. That way, you will have the general idea of how the resolution of the monitor will be like.

• Display Lag– Display lag( input lag)=signal delay+pixel response time. In layman’s language, signal delay is the duration that the monitor takes to process a signal from the central processing unit for a display to be produced, the lower the better, 1440p monitors have slower signal delay than 1080p monitors. Response time means how fast the pixels can change its color on screen. The monitor with faster response time performs better when there is lot of quick movements in the screen(like FPS games) because it can eliminate ghosting/smearing issues and it is more fluid and accurate in image transition. So the lower display lag the better.



• Maximum Refresh Rate– The number of times that a gaming monitor refreshes per second, 120Hz means the screen refreshes 120 times per second. If a monitor refreshes more. then you will get very clear, smooth and blur-free images and vice versa. So 144Hz>120Hz>60Hz, but you should get a graphics card that support 120Hz and 144Hz at first.


• The Stand– While it might be considered mediocre, gaming monitor stand is a very important feature to consider. You must remember that the monitor you are buying is meant for gaming. This means that you will require the monitor to be set in a perfect position where you can view graphics without straining. There are monitors which come with a movable stand while others are solidly attached. The two models vary in terms of gaming convenience. A movable stand is considered ideal for gaming. This is because you can alter the viewing angle of the monitor to a satisfactory position. Some stands allow you to turn the monitor up to 90 degrees. On the other hand, monitors with solidly build stands may prove hard to tilt or rotate to a certain angle. This might be so inconvenient for the users.

• Price– The truth is that you cannot snub price when searching for gaming monitors. This is for the fact that you have your own budget that you have to abide by. The latest version always comes with low cost effective in most time while the the best selling one always comes with high cost effective. Different gaming monitors feature different prices. Some are remarkably expensive while others are leniently cheap. You should find the balance between quality and price. However, the price worth of a gaming monitor must tally with the quality. It would be senseless to buy a monitor at a very high price only to realize later that it is of low quality, that’s why you should read our review.

• Connectivity– This is simply refers to the number of inputs that can be connected to the monitor. The best gaming monitor is one that allows for as many HDMI ports as possible. Some allow you to connect things like console, home theater system among other things. Be sure to check the available ports in the monitor to understand its connectivity capacity.

The Panel Technology Used In Best Gaming Monitors

One of the most imperative things to consider when in search of a gaming monitor is the Panel technology used in making them. This is because panel technology has a lot to do with color accuracy, brightness, viewing angle and pixel response. In short, Panel technology is pivotal in determining the kind of display to expect from a gaming monitor. Here are the four main types of panel technology used in gaming monitors:

• Twisted Nematic (TN) Panels– The good thing about these monitors is that they are really cheap and with fast response and faster refresh rate. This is actually the two main things that make people opt for such monitors. The problem is that this type of monitors performance pool brightness and color reproduction . As a matter of fact, they usually feature very poor viewing angles. This means that you might face inconveniences from these monitors irrespective of good price deals they go at.

• Vertical Alignment (VN) Panels– They are considered better than TN Panels in wide display and color accuracy, it has the lowest black levels of the four panels, the brightness of this panel is generally good and appealing. But it is slower in input lag and more expensive than TN panels.

• IPS Panels– For your information, this type of monitors is the most expensive of all. This is for the fact that the monitors bear sophisticated qualities which go a long way in enhancing its functionality. They are best in color accuracy and viewing angles. However, IPS based monitors has the slowest Display Lag in four at the same price level.(AS-IPS monitors can already reduce response time to 1ms)

• PLS Panels– Sometimes back, PLS Panel technology was only found in tablets and other smaller gadgets. However, it is now possible to get gaming monitors that operate under this technology. The monitors are way brighter than those that use IPS technology. They are considered more sophisticated and with better performance than IPS monitors. They are also very expensive. You can opt for this type of panel technology since it is highly efficient and of top quality.

The Main Gaming Monitor Options To Consider (Types)

It might interest you to know that there are different types of gaming monitors you can consider. The distinguishing clear cut between different types of monitors is the manner in which they operate. To some extent, the model of monitors is also used in differentiating on type from another. The bottom line is that some of the types may not work for you while others are just impeccable. It is therefore important to understand the different types of gaming monitors at your disposal and consider one that matches your preference and taste.
Here are the main types of gaming monitors to opt for:

• Budget Displays– If you are in search of a less sophisticated gaming monitor, Budget Displays can work can work just fine for you. They are meant for less complicated tasks and gaming in general. The display of this type of monitor is quite on the lower side and not as appealing as in other types. Additionally, this type features some limitations in terms of flexibility. If you do not mind the mentioned downsides, you can opt for this category of gaming monitors. After all, you will have the privilege of playing your favorite game using such monitors. Important to note, Budget Display gaming monitors are relatively cheap as compared to others.

• Professional Displays Monitors– Like the name goes, this is a high quality and more so professional gaming monitor. It comes as an integration of features which greatly complement the gaming experience. The display of these monitor is high definition and very clear. The resolution is also very appealing and easy for users to contemplate. In addition, professional Display Monitor feature an ergonomic stand meant to enhance your comfort when gaming. You can easily and conveniently adjust the monitor to the best viewing angle. Some of the monitors come with an auto-rotate stand functions which allows the images to flip automatically once the orientation is changed. In simple terms, Professional Displays Monitors are modern and way better than others.

• Touch-Screen Monitors– The touch screen technology keeps gaining popularity as time passes. The trend has now been applied to gaming monitors. It is now possible to get a gaming monitor that has the touch screen function. The good thing about such monitors is that they are remarkably easy to use. Just like phones in the same category, touch screen monitors only require a simple study to understand its functionality. Touch-screen monitors vary in terms of touch-capabilities. Some come with 5 touch capabilities while others have more than ten. This gives you the freedom to choose the touch-screen monitor that goes with your budget and preference. The more the touch capabilities, the higher the price deal and vice versa.

• Gaming Displays– It is important to note that the monitors mentioned above can be used in doing other tasks aside from gaming. However, Gaming Displays Monitors are purposely designed for games with better performance . They are designed in a manner that they can support moving images without any traces of motion errors and blur. In fact, games that feature super-fast speed can be played conveniently using this type of monitor.

When choosing Gaming Displays Monitor, it is greatly advised that you go for one with powerful audio speakers. This is because gaming experience is greatly enhanced by audio. Some monitors in this category may not have the best audio speakers. This means that you have the obligation of choosing the best gaming monitor with regard to audio.

Top Seven Most Popular Monitors in Market

1. ASUS VS278Q-P Ultrafast LED Lit Monitor


This is a high definition gaming monitor that you can consider for the best experience. It is one of the monitors that bear sophisticated features and outstanding functionality.

To begin with, ASUS VS278Q-P Ultrafast is a 27 inch screen. This means that it is large enough to offer the best graphics. Amazing 1ms response time. The contrast ration of the monitor is beyond the expectations of any person. Additionally, the video technology used in this monitor is splendid. All the mentioned traits point towards display. You can be assured of the best video experience with this particular gaming monitor.

The adjusting feature comes as another point of convenience for users. It is designed in a manner that you can place it at different angles with the help of its flexible stand. Not to mention, the monitor offers a variety of connection options. You can therefore customize your PC setup to ensure multiple displays.

2. ASUS MX279H LED-Lit LCD Monitor

ASUS MX279HA simple appearance of this monitor is enough to confirm that it is indeed something great. It is designed to suit the modern trends and appearance. Aside from that, the monitor has some of the most unique features not to be found in others. Subtle and elegant design is just an understatement. In a different note, the monitor has a very high contrast ration of 80,000,000:1. This is a pure guarantee of very sharp and clean images.

The sound quality of the monitor is simply incredible. It comes with a pair of 3-watt speakers which have the capacity to produce very rich and commanding voice. The sound is greatly boosted by the ICE power amplifier found in the monitor. In addition, the monitor features splendid video intelligence technology. This is one of the features that make this monitor the best. You can be assured of high quality videos and nothing less.

3. Samsung 28-inch Ultra Definition LED Monitor

Samsung 28-Inch Ultra High Definition LED Monitor

If you are in search of a monitor that offers incredible viewing angles, this is indisputably one of the core options. It is yet another release from the Samsung family and one that has already dominated the world of gaming. To begin with, this monitor takes videos to a whole new level. It operates under the high definition technology hence offering blur-free images.

Aside from that, the monitor features a gaming function. A simple button press transits the monitor to a gaming mode for the best experience ever. The good thing about gaming mode is that it adjusts the contrast and enhances the colors to ensure that you have a very clear view.

Not to forget, the monitor comes in a very sleek and modern design to complement the beauty of your house. The T-shaped stand offers the monitor enough support and balance. It is also not too wide and therefore it does not consume much of your house space.

4. ASUS VG248QE 24 Inch LED-Lit Monitor


Are you the kind of person who loves fast gaming? Here is a perfect match for the best experience in gaming. ASUS VG248QE is one of the modern monitors which allow users to play as fast as they can. Color accuracy, high resolution and balanced contrast ensure that pictures remain very sharp irrespective of the fast motion. Additionally, the screen does not in any way irritate your eyes since the contrast is very friendly.

The 3D playback feature that comes with this monitor makes gaming incredibly enjoyable. It operates under the LightBoost technology to ensure that screen brightness is incredible. Aside from gaming, you can still have the best experience watching YouTube videos using the monitor. It is indeed something that is worth your consideration.

The input pots found in the monitor provides users with a chance to customize their PC setup. This means that you can have multiple displays on the monitor depending on your preference. You can also adjust the height of the stand depending on your sitting position and the best viewing point.

5. BenQ Gaming Monitor RL2455HM

BenQ Gaming Monitor RL2455HM
There is always something unique about BenQ products. This particular gaming monitor is not in any way exceptional. It is one of the best monitors which make the gaming experience impeccable. It features a 24 inch screen which has a high display capacity. The resolution, contrast and other display complements work in coordination to make your video experience very unique.

Additionally, the monitor is compatible with both Windows 8 and 7 OS. This means that the monitor is very modern. Aside from gaming, you can also do other things using the monitor including movie watching.

6. ASUS PB278Q 27 Inch LED Lit Professional Monitor

To begin with, this monitor is top-notch in terms of the display it features. The screen is large enough to provide you with large graphics. Additionally, the screen provides 178-degree viewing angle. This means that you will not strain viewing the monitor from any point as long as it is convenient for you.

What’s more, the monitor is ergonomically designed such that it can fully tilt. It can also be adjusted height-wise to offer you the best viewing position and angle. You can also decide to mount the monitor on the wall if you so please.

7. Dell Computer E2414Hx LED Lit Monitor

Dell Computer E2414HxDell has for long bee abreast as one of the companies with the best computer accessories. In fact, some of the most recommended monitors are from the company. Dell E2414Hx LED Lit Monitor is one of the trending gaming monitors whose performance is high and incomparable. The monitor is large enough since it features a 24 inch screen. The display of the monitor can only be termed impeccable. This means that you will have no issues or hardships when using this monitor for gaming. TN based panel, 5ms response time.

Aside for the great display and resolution, Dell E2414Hx LED Lit Monitor is also very environmental friendly. It is basically build to comply with the set environmental standards. Not to mention, the monitor provides utmost comfort for users since it can be adjusted to your most preferred viewing angel. This means that you stand low chances of developing ergonomic injuries when using this monitor.

How To Avoid Counterfeited Gaming Monitors

Almost all countries across the globe are against counterfeited products. Unfortunately, people tend to sell counterfeited products irrespective of the great war declared against the vice by the law. This means that it is possible to come across a counterfeited gaming monitor. In fact, a considerably large number of people are victims of such counterfeits. Here are best ways to avoid counterfeit gaming monitors:
• Check Labels and packaging– It is very easy to tell if a gaming monitor is counterfeited or not by a simple look at the packaging and labels. In most cases, authentic products feature very unique labels and trademarks. A counterfeit monitor, on the other hand, might have some fishy and different looking labels and packaging. If you are not convinced about the authenticity of labels and packaging, it would be best to avoid the monitor.

• Buy From An Authorized Dealer– This is one of the best ways to evade counterfeit gaming monitors and other products in general. It is imperative to bear in mind that there are monitor dealers who operate illegally. Chances of getting counterfeit gaming monitors from such dealers are high.

On the other hand, there are dealers who bear legal licenses and other documentation that confirm their legibility to operate. Such dealers are greatly recommended since you stand low chances of getting counterfeited gaming monitors from them. Important to note, you must sell authentic and quality products for you to be granted an operating license.

• Check Tax Charges– It is a norm in all countries that authentic products must be taxed. In this regard, you will find tax charges indicated in the purchase receipt of the monitor you have bought, if at all it is authentic. If by any chance you are not charged any tax fee when buying your gaming monitor, a red flag should be raised. That is one of the indications that you could be dealing with a fake monitor.

• Aim For Secure Transactions– There are cases where sellers of gaming monitors might suggest back-door’ or insecure transactions with the buyer. Such sellers may even disregard the importance of storing the essential customer data after purchase. If you notice that your transaction is heading that way, quitting is the best option. Insecure transactions means that you could be buying a counterfeit monitor and it might be hard to reclaim your money since there is no any recorded data.

• Watch Out For Spicy Deals- It is always said that when the deal is too good, you should not hesitate to reconsider. Considering the fact that counterfeits do not require much to manufacture, they go at sliced prices as compared to authentic ones. In this regard, you must ask yourself as many questions as possible when you are presented with a very spicy deal for a gaming monitor. Basically, authentic gaming monitors are expensive hence incredibly low prices should ring a bell in your mind.