For a considerably long time now, the use of IPS monitors for gaming has been gaining sturdy grounds all across the globe. This is for the fact that the monitors have something great to offer as compared to others in the category. Basically, IPS monitors are a subtype of LCD screens which uses a new panel technology that have bolder colors and wider viewing angles. Most gamer consider IPS gaming monitor to be a perfect choice if they have high demand in color displays.
In-Plane Switching (IPS) monitors operate under the LCD screen technology which entails the emission of diodes which are meant to create a display. The screens have a couple of distinguishing clear cuts and also feature more benefits as compared to other models, you can see the difference between different monitor panels. Important to note, aside from IPS monitors, there are other versions of the same which feature a slightly different functionality. They are:
• S-IPS- Although considered as one of the initial technologies used in the IPS category, S-IPS monitors still prevail in the market till now. The technology used in making the monitors marked a whole transition of LCD display to something better. It is believed that the kind of display featured by S-IPS is modern and to some point incomparable to other screens.
• AS-IPS- This comes as a total advancement of IPS display technology. Though not so popular, the kind of display featured by monitors in this category is simply impeccable. To be specific, the response time of such monitors is totally appealing. Needless to say, response time has a lot to do with the kind of display you will get on your monitor.

Why Choose IPS Gaming Monitors

Considering that IPS monitors are a subcategory of LCD screens, you should expect a lot of benefits from them. They are known to be a great advancement in technology which has made the gaming experience captivating. Here are some of the benefits of IPS gaming monitors:
• Best Graphics– It is indisputable that the first thing to consider when searching for a gaming monitor is the display. IPS gaming monitors are known to offer the best display since their color display is incredible. This means that you will enjoy every image of your gaming experience with the monitor.
• Different Viewing Angles- Unlike other monitors which offer limited viewing angles, the case is not to with IPS monitors. This category of monitors offer users a variety of viewing angles. You can therefore participate in a game with your buddies and still have a great view for each one of you.
• Low Energy Consumption- For your information, it has been confirmed that IPS gaming monitors are more efficient in terms of power consumption than other models. This is for the fact that they use Light Emitting Diodes which are considerably lenient when it comes to power consumption. Though not much, the amount of power saved by IPS monitors is certainly a significant slice on your monthly bills.
• Slim And Attractive- One of the prime differences between IPS monitors and other models is the slimness they feature. IPS gaming monitor is usually slim though with a wide screen. It features a modern design to complement your house completely.

Top Five IPS Monitors for Gamers

1. Asus VS248H-P Monitor

Asus VS248H-P 24-Inch Full-HD LED-lit LCD MonitorThe truth is that monitors from Asus have something very unique to offer. Asus VS248H-P is not in any way exceptional. Everything about this monitor is exactly what gaming fanatics would prefer. To begin with, the monitor features a high resolution to ensure that everything is properly displayed. For your information, the monitor offers full HD resolution which can only be termed top-notch.
Additionally, the monitor features super response time. This is an added complement to the display it offers. You can be assured of eliminated ghosting or blurring when gaming. Not to mention, the size of the screen is enough to make you feel the reality in gaming. You will most certainly like the huge graphics the monitor offers.

2. HP Pavilion LED-Lit Monitor

HP Pavilion 27xi 27-Inch Screen LED-lit MonitorThe wide screen featured by this monitor provides users with a chance to share not only games but also things like videos, photos and many more. Interestingly, the screen offers spectacular viewing angles which allow you to enjoy the best gaming experience.
Another thing that should compel you to buy this monitor is the fact that it is environmental friendly. It does not emit anything unpleasant when in operation. Additionally, the monitor is totally lenient when it comes to power consumption. This means that aside from enjoying the best gaming experience, you still have the chance to narrow down your monthly power bills.
What’s more, the thin model of the monitor ensures that you spare a lot of space on your desk. The design is also a great complement for the beauty of your house or office.

3. Asus MX279H LCD Monitor

ASUS MX279HHere comes yet another great monitor from the Asus Family. It is one of the gaming monitors that clearly define sophistication with regard to modernity. The good thing about the monitor is the High Definition display it features. To begin with, the screen is large enough (27 inches). Additionally, the response time of the monitor is incredible. What’s more, the screen offers a variety of viewing angles. In a nutshell, the display of this monitor is incomparable.

4. Dell UltraSharp LED Monitor

Dell UltraSharp U2412M 24-Inch Screen LED-lit MonitorThe fact that this gaming monitor is completely flexible creates a positive impression in people. The monitor is designed in a manner that it can be adjusted to different positions based on the user preference. You can tilt or pan the monitor as you wish. You can also adjust the height of the monitor stand accordingly.
The most interesting part is that you can customize the monitor in order to alter its energy consumption levels. This can be achieved through change of brightness, color temperature and other things that can lead to elevated power consumption.

5. Samsung Ultra HD Monitor

Samsung 28-Inch Ultra High Definition LED Monitor Samsung has for long been abreast in producing some of the best electronics. This particular monitor is one of the great Samsung releases which have made the gaming experience incredible. The first advocating feature is the Sleek and slim design that comes with the monitor. It is simply a perfect complement for modern homes. In addition, the monitor offers eye-catching display to further make your gaming experience better. Not to mention, the monitor comes with HDMI and audio ports to allow you plug in essential gaming accessories. It is indeed a great choice for modern games.

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