Steelseries QcK

The Steelpad Qck mouse pad has become a great and appealing choice among the gamers. This mouse pad can provide the individuals with a better and high quality surface for gaming. This mouse pad was much popular in the world cyber games of 2004 where all the players used this mouse pad. Complexity is another team who favored this mouse pad and they won electronic sports world cup in the year 2005. There are so many things that are associated with this gaming mouse pad that can amaze you well, it has already won more than 1200 five star reviews on Amazon.

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This is the mouse pad that is made out of cloth of the XXL size. This is the mouse pad that is much suitable for working with the mouse settings that are available with lower sensitivity. This mouse pad can suit with almost all the mice. This mouse pad has got a rubber base that won’t slip and is designed exclusively for gamers. It can be really a good accessory to consider by the people who feel much crazy about gaming.

First Glance

Steel pad has introduced this mouse pad in such a manner they have not spent much on the packaging. You can get this mouse pad in a box that is in the shape of long prism. The mouse pad can be available within the package in the folded form. This pad can be available inside it with tightly rolled way. It won’t undergo any flaws with folding but can lie flat under mice. This is really a huge one. The simple design that is used with the mouse pad is impressive and they have not made the mouse pad weird with whole lots of graphics but you can only find the logo on it and that too in one corner of it. The logo is not going to create any issues when you are using mouse on it, as it is harmless on one corner.

Gaming Performance

This is the mouse pad that can be really great. It can really work well in the case of mice with high quality available with the Teflon pads. It is the surface that can be the best suitable for the lower sensitivities. It can really help you in having a greater and comfortable gaming experience. This is the mouse pad that is available in about 2 mm thick without any support for wrist. You can feel much comfortable even after playing for hours together. The fabric surface of the mouse pad is tightened and is smooth. It cannot hurt the wrist of yours even when you are playing for so many hours. This mouse pad has got rubber bottom that can make the wrist feel better and can make the pad useful to plays games for prolonged time.

With Liquid Spill

This is the mouse pad that can withstand the spills that are minor as it can absorb that which can be washed off. The fizzy drinks that include Pepsi or coke can easily do damage to this mouse pad.

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