Many people tend to forget how important a case is when they build a new computer. Even gamers have the tendency to neglect this important aspect. The truth is cases should never be considered less important than any other component of a computer system. Gaming cases may be a little more expensive than regular computer cases, but this difference of price is fully justified. Spending more than five hundred dollars on a premium case may seem too much. But, try to ask any gaming enthusiast who has bought one already. The person will tell you that the case is amazing and that is very useful. This individual will tell you that the money was not spent in vain.

Ultimate Guide to the Best Gaming PC Cases

PreviewNameList PriceReviews AmountRatingBuy On Amazon
PreviewNameList PriceReviews AmountRatingBuy On Amazon
SilverStone ATX Tower$586.80174.6/5
Cooler Master Cosmos II$349.99814.6/5
Corsair Obsidian Series 900D$349.991044.3/5
NZXT Phantom 820$271.13634.6/5
Cooler Master HAF X$202.851944.7/5
Thermaltake Level 10 GT Snow Edition$314.67744.5/5
CM Storm Stryker$198.991404.6/5
NZXT ca-ph410-w2$139.995094.6/5
NZXT PHANTOM ATX Full Tower$129.993864.4/5
Antec Nine Hundred $117.992694.5/5
NZXT Source 210$89.304564.6/5
Antec One $59.951024.0/5

How to Choose Between Different Gaming Cases

When you buy a computer case, you have to choose well. You will surely use the case for many generations of hardware, so you can stay up to date with your computer and play the newest games. If you don’t know what to look for when you want to buy one of the premium gaming cases, you must become aware of the following characteristics: size, number of drives supported, the number of motherboards that are supported, the possibility to add water cooling equipment, side panel windows, high airflow, large interior, stylish design and many others.

Your budget is as important as all the other factors, but you shouldn’t focus too much on how much you spend. Think about the dimensions of the case first, because you need to make sure the case will be enough for all the components that you want to put inside. In terms of appearance, choose a case that has a nice design, along with a side panel window and LED lighting for the coolers. Considering all the factors that are involved, the following six gaming cases are worth the spend:

1.SilverStone ATX Tower Computer Case with Dual Aluminum Unibody Frame


The story of Silverstone Temjin cases started in 2005, when the company released a case that seemed to be ahead of that time. Since then, with every new case that was released, SilverStone has brought something new: air duct design, 90 degrees mother board mounting and everything else that was needed for making gamers prepared for the upcoming generations of hardware. The new TJ11-BW has many new features, just as you can see below.


-2.0 mm aluminum body with an anodized sandblasted finish

-90 degrees mounting for motherboard

-opening at the back of the CPU for installing a cooler

-there is no rivet, so you will have full customization options and maximum serviceability

-has two Air Penetrator coolers included for better ventilation

-supports two power supplies

-allows the installation of 11 inch ATX motherboards

-many external and internal drivebays

-allows the installation of watercooling equipment

-window side panel

2. Cooler Master Cosmos II


Cooler Master Cosmos II is one of the best computer gaming cases that you can find on the market and some users say it is the perfect solution. This case is absolutely huge and comes with all the fans that you need for keeping your computer cool. The case is constructed from two types of metal: alluminum and steel. It has a design that is inpired from the design of race cars. For minimizing the clutter, wires go through the back of the motherboard area. Air flow is optimally facilitated, as the case is divided in two main parts: the upper part for the motherboard and the lower part for the power supply.


-case made from brushed aluminum and steel

-sturdy case with stylish race car design that makes it look elegant

-air flow is optimal through this case

-allows the installation of ten fans and thirteen HDD’s

-advanced control panel that allows a four channel fan control

-supports four-way SLI and CrossFire motherboards

-allows different form factors of motherboards

-supports very large fans (up to 200 mm)

-has sturdy bars for perfect handling

-easy to clean because of the removable dust covers

-incredible wire management

3. NZXT Phantom 820 Full Tower Chassis White


Phantom 820 is just a newer generation of the known Phantom that adds more control and more features. This is a white and large gaming case with different large fans included and illuminated interior. NZX Phantom 820 has a smaller price than the first two gaming cases presented in this review. But, it still has many features that gamers will enjoy. There are two materials used for this product: steel and plastic. All form factors are supported, so you can put almost any motherboard in this case. The case has seven drive bays and nine expansion slots to meet different user requirements. One of the major features is the lighting design, which allows the user to choose from different colors.


-lighting design with multiple color options

-large number of drive bays and expansion slots

-equipped with very large fans (140 mm and 200 mm) for better airflow

-unmatched liquid cooling

-four channel digital fan controller

-has different dust filters that can be easily removed for cleaning

-support for all types of motherboards

-steel and plastic construction

-rugged base design for better airflow and lifting the enclosure above ground

4. Cooler Master HAF X RC-942-KKN1


This gaming case is the flagship of the HAF series (High Air Flow) and can cool down the hottest computer systems. The case has a rugged militaristic appearance and design and includes all the functions and features needed for system management and cooling. It is focused on cooling not only motherboards and processors, but also graphic cards.


-allows four-way SLI and CrossFire motherboards

-resistant to dust buildup due to special filters

– very large fans (200 mm and 230 mm) for a high air flow design

-nine expansion slots

-air duct for cooling graphic card

-easy SATA drive installation (no need to remove side panel)

-advanced cable management using rubber grommets

-very large interior that is black coated

-militaristic design

5. CM Storm Stryker – Gaming Full Tower Computer Case


Storm Stryker from Cooler Master is one of the large gaming cases, it looks great and it has a rubber coated handle that allows you to carry it easily in case you need to. The carrying handle was built in an innovative way. The design is stylish and has two colors for the finish: black and white. There are different fans included, along with a windowed side panel and filtered covers for dust. This full tower case is perfect for gaming systems of any type.


-easy to carry because of the innovative handle with rubber coating

-stylish design with a finish that is colored in black and white

-90 degrees combo cages for drives that allow an easy installation

-top control panel for controlling the speed of fans easily

-gaming components are secured with the Storm Guard and internal tool box

-allows the installation of the latest and largest graphic cards

-nine plus one expansion slots

-dual removable and rotatable HDD cages

-very large interior

-great cooling capacity

-top panel for easy access to hardware

6. NZXT ca-ph410-w2 Phantom 410 Mid Tower USB 3.0 Gaming Case White with Blue Trim


This is another case from the Phantom series and has a sleek design colored in white, with many options for expansion and cooling. Phantom 410 provides more value to the user than its predecessor. You can easily replace HDD’s for this gaming case. Two materials have been used for making it: steel and plastic. This is the cheapest solution of all that are presented in this review, but it is still full of features.


-case made of steel and plastic with a sleek design

-wire management support and easy cable installation

-acrylic window for the side panel

-easy drive replacement and removal

-three step fan control

-amazing cooling capacity

-removable HDD cage for facilitating the installation of other components