Video gamers are quite lucky nowadays. This is because gaming gadgetry and furniture are being designed with gamers in mind. Moreover, all these products are readily available in the market. The process began with the customization things like headphones, speakers, seats, and desks. Don't be surprised that we now have unique designs of gaming TV stands. The essence of designing video gaming stands that are uniquely customized for console gamers is to provide them with just what they need. In other words, the stand has several spots for the various gaming components. This helps in organizing your gaming environment. The main reason as to why you need to organize your console gaming environment is for ease of access. For instance, no one would love to have his/her gaming space dominated by tangled cords and gaming gadgetry. This is because it will not be easy to access your gaming space. You can avoid this by acquiring a gaming stand for your console gaming requirements. It will have you sorted out in terms of organization of your gaming space.

Ultimate Guide to the Top Rated Gaming TV Stands

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What to Look For Before You Buy a Gaming TV Stand

A basic console set up must feature all the essentials including the console, TV, controllers, and speakers, among other peripherals. The beauty of video games is that you cannot be limited to the number of peripherals you want to incorporate into your console. However, you need to make decisions on what you would like to include in your gaming space prior to choosing your TV stand. There are several questions you need to ask yourself. For instance, do you want a stand on which you can mount your TV or you are interested in placing your TV on top? Additionally, gaming TV stands should have storage areas that are designed with gamers in mind. These areas should provide storage solutions to all the concerns.

What then should act as our guide as we go shopping for household items? Most of us will base their choices on the existing decors in their homes while others will be guided by their preference in style. None of these two approaches is inapplicable but it's important to be more specific with the kind of items we need to bring home. This is because it's not easy to know what exactly we are owning until it reaches home. A common practice by people is to read product descriptions and customer reviews before they purchase any product. It's true that this practice will help you to get authentic products of high quality. However, the customer reviews and product descriptions may not help you to get the right gaming TV stand for your requirements back at home. That's why you need to follow a certain criteria for choosing your TV stand.

Below are more tips on choosing the right TV stand for your gaming and other requirements.

Size, Layout and Arrangement of the Room:

The size, shape and arrangements of your room are key determinants of how nicely your TV stand will suit into the designated area. Keeping in mind the kind of furniture you have as well as your room's seating arrangements will guide you in selecting the right stand for your home.

Cable Visibility:

A common headache with most gaming and entertainment equipment is how to manage cables. These wires leave an unpleasant sight. This is something you need to put into account as you search for TV stands. Ensure you select a stand that will help in concealing these cables as much as possible.


It's quite insane for somebody to go clashing the style and color pattern of your new TV stand with the decors in his/her room. Try as much as possible to match the stand with the existing pieces of furniture in your room. If the existing furniture and decors are not worth being considered, try and ride on the trending styles in the market.

TV Type and Size:

It won't make enough sense to buy the older styles of TV stands for the newer styles of TVs. The directive should be simple and clear; new for the new and old for the old. Similarly, you need to consider the size of your TV so as to buy the right size of stand.

As indicated earlier, you need to put into account the amount of space you have in your room. For instance, we don't have as much space in our bedrooms as we have in entertainment and gaming centers. This brings in the differences in the kind of gaming TV stands we shall have for the two cases. That's why different types and sizes of stands have been designed. This factor breaks these stands into two broad categories, i.e. console hub stands and entertainment center stands.

Console hub TV stands are meant to optimize smaller spaces because their design is quite compact. They are ideal for informal spaces such as a bedroom, gaming/fun rooms, bachelor pads, and other related rooms. On the other hand, entertainment center TV stands are larger and are aesthetically appealing. These qualities qualify the stands for sitting in the high end spaces such as living rooms, front rooms, and other related spaces. Now, which category qualifies to sit in your space?

The Five Most Popular Gaming TV Stands on Amazon

The following TV stands are selectively picked from Amazon. The criterion used in their selection is popularity based on the product's high rating and numerous customer reviews. These products are popular due to the design and durability of the construction materials.

Atlantic Centipede Gaming Storage & TV Stand

Atlantic Centipede Game Storage & Tv Stand

Atlantic Centipede stand was deliberately designed for gamers. It is a product of the famous Atlantic. The stand is quite strong and durable as it's constructed from steel wire. As we all know, steel is a strong material that can withstand harsh environments. Thus, the material guarantees durability of the stand.

In terms of design and performance, the center shelf of the Centipede can accommodate up to three consoles. The stand also features 6 controller holders and game racks on any side of the center shelf that are capable to hold up 12 games at most. It also includes a place where you can hang headsets and other related stuff. It has a normal TV shelf that fits up to 37 inch TVs. The Centipede TV stand can withstand a maximum weight of 80 pounds. Once you reach home, it is quite easy to assemble and set up your stand. All credits to Atlantic for this marvelous product for console gamers. This stand doesn't feature a mount for your TV

Altra Furniture Carson 48-Inch TV Stand

Altra Furniture Carson 48-Inch TV Stand

This TV stand is where style and function meet. The stand is constructed from very strong and durable materials. It's built with a sturdy metal frame joining all the shelves together. It can accommodate up to a 50 inch TV. The Carson TV stand offers the storage and design for all your gaming and entertainment needs. It's a great gaming TV stand that hides the gaming equipment and DVDs within the storage cabins. It's available in two different color options – espresso and black cherry.

Atlantic CD Case Spyder TV/Gaming Hub

Atlantic VG Spyder TV/Gaming Hub

This is another surprise for console gamers from Atlantic. It was designed with the gamer in mind. Just like the Centipede, Spyder is made of steel wire. On this stand, Atlantic decided to use a TV mount instead of the top shelf. The mount can fit up to 42″ TVs as well as supporting a maximum of 80 pounds. In terms of holding capacity, this stand is a little bit disadvantaged relative to the Centipede. It has dedicated spots that can hold up to 3 consoles, 2 controllers, and 6 games. Despite the disadvantage, this TV stand is popular due to a number of cool features. For instance, the TV mount is adjustable as from 22 inches to 50 inches high, depending on the size of the television set. Additionally, the mount can rotate about 120 degrees for a better viewing angle. Is this not a cool feature for us gamers?

Sony Proforma 46-Inch 2-in-1 TV Base Stand

Sony Proforma 46-Inch 2-in-1 TV Base Stand

This base TV stand is from Sony. It has grown popular among other TV stands for gaming because it provides options for either placing your television on the top glass shelf or mounting it on the swivel mounting. That's the origin of the 2-in-1 jargon. The mount can fit TVs of up to 46 inches and support a maximum weight of 100 pounds. Moreover, the mount allows swiveling of up to 70 degrees for a better viewing angle. You will decide on the option you want to use when assembling the stand. The Sony's Proforma is available in two elegant color options – satin black and heirloom cherry colors.

Altra Furniture Galaxy TV Stand

Altra Furniture Galaxy TV Stand

The Galaxy television stands are designed for those gamers who would like a stand that doesn't take a lot of space. The stand is small in size, making it perfect for corner placement. It includes a mount that can fit up to a 50″ television. It also features two shelves for holding your gaming consoles and other entertainment equipment. There is a DVD storage space in between the shelves. One of these shelves is made of glass. So, take caution and avoid going into wrestling matches around the stand. In addition, this stand helps you in keeping the wires organized and concealed along the back panel.


This article was all about how to choose the best gaming television stands for consoles as well as providing an overview of the most popular TV stands on Amazon. With the tips and the 5 popular products, you can now make a directed and more specific decision on the right stand. Take your time, shop around, think, and make a final decision.