The technological advancements of the modern times have brought great improvements in the production of great companies as they go for serious campaigns to win and lure more customers through the development of state-of-the art brands and installations of proper gadgets, crystal clear screen and the best of advancements to improve the already established designs. In 2014, we saw a lot of great improvements that were termed as perfection and great innovations in the industry. There are some top TV brands in the market and this article will highlight on some of their strides, improvements and features that have made them to scoop a leading position when it comes to the development of modern types of TV’s.
While some brand names performed excellently in 2014, some did not make a great impact and ended up on the loose. The secret to winning customers is coming up with unique and perfect models that will make a great meaning in the market. A look at Sony indicates how their main focus enabled them to make a great name in the market. The company that has been manufacturing TVs came up with a campaign to develop perfect 4K TV’s and they had more advantages because of their earlier involvement in coming up with the parts of 4K production, creation and playback. This is a great technology that encompasses LCD/LED and this pushed their game higher after the introduction of the curved models which are known as S90 series. Sony is one of the most important brands in the market since its pricing of mid make HD TV’s has been successful and selling to the customers at reasonable prices.

As the company looks forward to great strides this year, they should also go back to the drawing board and solve some of their downfalls for 2014. Stumbles too were witnessed from Sony brands and this includes the X8505 and the W955 4K screens which use the famous IPS series. There is much to be achieved through these series in order to meet their intended objective since their contrast performance is not perfect and not giving out the best picture quality. Samsung on the other hand made great impacts in the market as they always have creative minds. Their greatest success was the development of curved TV’s. The company has a great team of highly professional technicians who came up with the HU8500 series to improve their screens. The curved screen technology has been highly praised and marketed by the company to improve viewers viewing experience. Samsung continues to improve and come up with perfect contrast performances which are otherwise seen as the idea behind quality pictures. Through this, the company does not prefer the IPS panels.

The company also came up with PurColour technology during the development of HU8500 TV’s and this has proved to be successful since it works with some great sets of 4K –UHD resolutions and in the process give out perfect extra detail makes for the 4K pictures. The 4K sets has quality up scaling and perfect definitions of its standards sources.

LG-TV-Logo-580Reviews of the LG brands of television sets tell it all as great innovations of the current times. The company came up with the OLED TV’s which made great impacts in the market. The 55EA980W models continue to make meaningful strides due to their resolutions even though they do not fall in the 4K category. The company has been developing great LCDs of the modern times. Reviews indicates that the 65UB980V series is one a kind make with 4K technology and UHD model flagship that had an impact last year. The TV sets have perfect quality chips and advanced controls for backlight. However, the models have had some downfalls that should be quickly checked. The 65UB980V type series have had a lot of issues when it comes to their 4K technology. The UB950V series have been condemned for their backlight problems and a poor 3D performance. webOS style features for LG brands have a strong value and perfect features but problems with contrast and brightness in some situations.These are some of the top TV brands and they have been instrumental in improving people’s lives. As the year begins, we look forward to see great improvements and solving of problems that are supposed to be dealt with in order to improve their performances.

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