If you are in the search for the best television set available at the moment, you may have to choose between two products: LG Electronics 55EC9300 Curved OLED 3D TV and Sony XBR65X950B 4K 3D Smart LED TV. WHile the first one has the best display of any other television set on the market, the second one is the best of all 4k Ultra HD TV’s. What you choose depends on what you want from a television set: the crisp 4k resolution or the quality of an OLED curved display. Ideally it would be to buy both solutions, but this would be very costly. Both sets are state of art in term of technology, but they are also different for what they have to offer to the buyer.

LG 55EC9300 Curved OLED


Curved OLED TV’s are already known for the quality of picture that they offer and the realistic colors. They also have deep levels of black. All of these characteristics are good enough to make the LG model a competitor for any 4k model that has been released until now. Even if this TV is only HD, its clarity and crispness is similar to the one of an Ultra HD TV. The curve is not really visible, but it can be very helpful for minimizing the usual pincushion of flat television sets. You can enjoy the same quality of picture from any angle. The only problem is that the model is not easy to mount on the wall.

Sony XBR65X950b 4K LCD

Sony XBR65X950b 4K LCD

This is a high end model from Sony, offering three times the contrast of standard HD LED television sets. Two high end technologies has been used for the display: the X-Reality Pro upscaling algorithm and Triluminom pixels. Not many models have what this model has, which is a full-array local dimming backlight, providing a very high contrast without compromising on image quality. Triluminom pixels are 10-n diameter nanocrystals that are meant to shine at a particular wavelength. Because of this, the color pallete is more intense by fifty percent. The X-Reality Pro upscaling algorithm is able to upscale High Definition picture to Ultra HD. This technology is similar to the one that is already used by Sony for their theater projects since more than ten years ago.

How to Choose?

Having to choose between the two high end pieces of technology is very difficult, because both of them offer the highest display quality. They are also very good at many other features. The only obvious difference is the price. The model from Sony is two times the price of the one from LG. Reaching a decision is also hard because the market is currently facing a big change. It has to take a leap to what the new 4k resolution will provide in the near future, leaving behind something that will soon become obsolete: the full HD resolution.

Understanding that the transition is inevitable, many people don’t know what to do. They can choose between the cheaper solution using a technology that may slowly be replaced in the near future, or to select the more expensive solution and have a piece of the future in their homes. The main concern can be that the market will soon become saturated by 4k TV’s and their prices will become lower and lower. A similar situation happened right before PlayStation 4 and Xbox One were released.

The standard resolution for movies, videos and games is now full HD 1080 pixels and even 720 pixels is still acceptable. Game consoles use less than 1080, but they are progressing rapidly and the last consoles and games fully support full HD resolutions. 4k is the new candidate for the standard, bur it is still in its infancy. For example, renting a 4k movies costs about eight thousand dollars and you can only play that movie if you buy a Sony player that costs seven hundred. Knowing this, you can easily understand that some time has to pass until the new standard will become as common as 1080 is right now.


Despite the upscaling technology used by Sony, the quality of picture offered by the model from LG seems to be better and the price is only half. There is no 4k content today that is worth seeing, so there’s no reason to get the expensive model from Sony yet. Maybe you could wait a while and see how things evolve, but this would mean to wait for a few years. If you cannot wait, the model from LG wins because of its price.

4 thoughts on “LG Curved OLED vs Sony 4K LCD: Which One Is the King of Modern TV’s?

  1. Kevin

    This was a tough choice for me. I was able to talk the manager at Best Buy down on the Sony. I got the 65″ TV for $5,999 plus a free Sony 4K media player. I got three years of no interest financing and even a free beats pill 2.0.

    Overall, I love the picture quality on both. However, I do believe 4K is the future. Hopefully sooner rather than later. In the meantime, I will trust the upscaling.

    I do fear the technology in OLED. I’m hearing these TVs aren’t lasting very long. The Best Buy manager said he was already on his third display unit. Yikes.

    1. frank Post author

      Kevin, Thanks for your great comment.
      There isn’t too much 4K content because there isn’t too much 4K TV, there isn’t too much 4K TV because they are too expensive to be popular. But things may change if the the price can be brought down.
      you can read the difference between OLED and 4K here http://tinyurl.com/ls4p7mb
      OLED is better on bright colors, deep blacks, thin sets, wider viewing angles, and lower energy consumption. 4K is better on resolution.
      OLED TV and 4K TV are both very expensive, but in this case LG 55EC9300 obviously has a more attractive price.

      1. Kevin

        Yeah, I’m having second thoughts now. My 950b is to be delivered in two days and I’m considering canceling the order. For the price, this should be a no-brainer.

        Maybe I should just stick with my Samsung “slim fit” 56″ DLP a little while longer.

  2. Kevin

    So where are you at with the 4K oled with the price of $8,999? I ended up getting the 950b for $5,999, plus some extra free stuff. Still not sure if I should swap it out plus add the additional $3K. Your thoughts?

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