'Full-body joystick' Austrian company Cyberith has invented the Virtualizer, which is a kind of full-body joystick, can bring gamers closer to the action and will allow them to completely enter the game, it looks like a cross between a grown-up baby walker and a treadmill, contains many different sensors, there is a low-friction baseplate full of optical sensors, you need only to stand on it, a harness will be tied at your waist and thighs, it allow you to run, jump, squat or do other movements in game world, for example, you can sit down while you are driving a tank or flying an airplane in your game, and after you wear the Oculus Rift  and headset you will  feel what does as if you are in the game mean. The device will give you a whole new experience,you can even feel grenades exploding next to you or you are jumping off the cliff. Except for playing games, the device also could take you to explore historic sites or walk on the moon, it is so fun and exciting, and you particularly want to have a try, right? Virtualizer will be launched at the end of 2014, you can see what the difference between Virtualizer and a normal joystick.

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