Saitek X52 Pro

Since its release, the Saitek X-52 has become a legend in its field. The Saitek X-52 joystick (sometimes referred to as a flight system) is known as one of the most widely praised and commonly owned products in its line.

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Apart from its unique, professional red and black coloring, the Saitek X-52 is well recognized for its original efficient built. From the moment of delivery – with its sturdy box, secure plastic packing, and high grade cardboard molds – there is no doubt the system is a cut above the rest.

The X-52 is actually a two part system, complete with a separated stick and throttle. Despite this, the system still only requires a single USB-port, meaning it leaves extra ports for other devices. Even more, the system does not require an external power source, making it highly portable. The stick itself contains a two-stage trigger and four LED backlit buttons. The device utilizes high amounts of functionality including: Two 8-way hat switches, a mode selector, a pinkie switch trigger, switch toggles, and a twist-axis maneuverability.

Beyond this, the throttle unit also consists of two rotary controls, a linear slider, a micro-mouse controller, simple mouse button, a click-function scroll wheel, and a clutch button.

Near the base of the entire throttle unit, there is a Multi-Functional Display (MFD), another two dedicated buttons, and two associated Scroll Wheels.


Beyond the high-tech layout and revamped look, the system also includes a wholly special software set. The device uses a SST software system that intercepts the joystick’s control input and translates it seamlessly keyboard control, combinations, or mouse clicks. This system goes beyond simple key presses and creates complex combos that allow for optimal system control. This system fucntions off o the mode selector system that allows the player to choose between a set of three pre-programmed files (with the pinkie switch) and gives each button even more possible functions per mode. The user can configure these inputs to totally customize the system.

At first, the system may seem foreign to experienced gamers, however, overall it is a unique program with limitless possibilities. But players looking for a more simple system should not be dismayed by the notion of complicated set-ups and designer layout profiles. The X-52 also works great as a normal joystick when configured in the FSX control menu. Even more, the FSX mode allows users to access a plug-in that displays radio and autopilot functions on the MFD and even allows for the setting of frequencies, altitudes, and headings with dedicated buttons.

The system is not without a few downfalls, however. For one, the system can only send one signal to the PC at a time. While this issue is unlikely to come up often, it can become noticeable in certain games (such as attempting to change views while braking).

Comfort and Ease of Use:

Perhaps most importantly, the system consists of a right-handed stick and a left-handed throttle. For players who fly with their right hands will have no problem with the general layout.

When it comes to comfort, the people at Saitek have really designed a great system. The design shape of both the throttle and the joystick is perfectly formed, even more, players can change the size of the stick and adjust the height of the supports if they so desire. The result being a design that is ideal for anybody no matter their hand size.

And for ease of use, the player has the option to adjust the resistance the device uses to move the throttle level. However, the ease of use is based a great deal on the setup the player chooses. One the player has found that careful balance, the entire system becomes a breeze.

The joystick is located rather high if used on a desktop, but overall is very accommodating.

However, the stick has been criticized for being unnecessarily loose fitting. The centering springs are relatively weak. While this does create added functionality, it does leave a little to be desired in tensile control.



Apart from surly faulty products, the build quality in generally very high in X-52. The system is overall very strong and sturdy, the buttons work well, the connection between the stick and the throttle is ideal, and the axis input design is error-free. Saitek also offers well reviewed customer service, making replacement of defective products painless (if a little time consuming).


While the configuration may take a little time to get used to, the system is overall a very huge win for Saitek. It may take slightly longer to set up (with all the option and possible configurations)

but the result is a highly customized game play. Of all the systems on the market, the X-52 is certainly one that is well worth is price. Click to see other joystick.

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