Each one of us has a dream of flying and wants to become a pilot, but not everyone has the chance, so we can realize our dreams in the game, yes, flight sim game. You can choose a joystick or yoke and other accessories to create your own cockpit, if you want to experience a real flight simulator, selection of equipment is very important, a joystick and a yoke, which is better? I have some suggestions on this,   if you are sure you really like flight sims, you can consider buying a yoke, if you are new to flight sims, you’d better choose a joystick and then see how much do you like flight sims. Sometimes we have to consider our budget, a higher-end joysticks is usually the same price as a cheap yoke, and a high quality yoke usually sells for $200 or more at specialty stores. You should make a decision by comparison, but if your flight sim doesn’t support a yoke, of course, there is no need for you to buy one, so it is important to read system requirements before buying. If you have the habit of using a joystick and enjoy flying with it very much, you may not like the yoke, considering that, you may want to consider buying a cheaper yoke, this is of course no problem, what make you feel right is what you should choose. I hope these suggestions will help you. Click to find more joystick

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