We’ve prepared for you a list of the best steering wheels from various manufacturers. Each of them has unique features which recommends the device for long-term gaming use. Here are the best PC steering wheels of 2014:

1. Logitech G27


This steering wheel is designed to deliver a quality racing experience for Sony PS3s and PCs alike. It comes with a wide array of features and also a price tag which makes it a desirable option for gamers. To start with, the dual-motor forced feedback provides an accurate simulation of traction loss, weight shift and road feel. A Helical Gear system is also on-board for the purpose of eliminating steering noise and brutality. This wheel comes with a 6-speed shifter which enables users to switch between gears with lightning speed. Additionally, there are also other features which make this device a highly recommended choice, including shifting and throttle controls, clutch pedals for precise braking, a RPM indicator with LED lights and 16 programmable buttons which can be set for specific purposes.

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2. Logitech MOMO Force Feedback


In case you did not know yet, MOMO is a leading automotive design firm specialized in creating racing accessories. This Logitech model is created in such manner as to mimic their design while delivering top-notch racing features which any driver would like to benefit from. The force feedback system provides ultrarealistic experiences for all gamers, enabling them to feel any bump, spill or wall that is met on the racing track. This rubber-encased wheel also comes with a wide 240-degree rotation angle which greatly improves flexibility and maneuverability over past models. Other features include optical sensors for steering, paddle shifters and 6 programmable buttons. This package includes the steering wheel, pedals, software, a quick setup guide and a power cable.

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3. SteelSeries Simraceway SRW S1


This high-performance steering wheel is the product of a collaboration between SteelSeries and Ignite Technologies Inc. It comes with a patented braking system as well as a unique throttle system which takes racing experiences to a whole new level. Its unique design enables players to take it wherever desired, since no bulky pedals or seats have been included in the box. The wheel is also very easy to setup, players only needing to perform a couple of clicks and personalize the on-board buttons. Many dedicated car simulators have included this wheel model due to the high performance achieved in independent tests.

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4. Logitech Driving Force GT

 Logitech Driving Force GT

The Driving Force GT represents one of the highest popular wheels on the market today thanks to its low price tag and unique force feedback system. It comes with a set of pedals included and even though these are not high-end, they still offer more control than any other gaming pad. Many adjustments can be made in regard to traction control and brakes, and users can also program the dial for performing various functions. It’s also to be noted that Driving Force GT has been officially licensed for the Gran Turismo racing series.

On PS3, this wheel will function straight out of the box regardless of the game title. The wide majority of games will automatically detect it and make the changes accordingly. On PC, users have to use the dedicated software for creating an individual profile and using it for various games.

The force feedback system integrated into this wheel is strong and provides good information in regard to the car’s behavior, although high-end models do a better job in this regard. Small buttons found on the rim are a little small and lack some of the realistic feel of bigger wheels.

With this in mind, this racing wheel still provides one of the best value for money. Users can attach it to any desk or table via the clamp system for quick racing.

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5. Thrustmaster T500RS


The T500RS is deemed as one of the top-notch PS3 accessories for a reason. This set is not only the same in size and grip as the one of real racing cars, but it also comes with a fierce and aggressive force feedback system which enables users to feel collisions and drifts in a highly realistic manner.

This is also an official Gran Turismo licensed product just like Logitech DF GT, so users should encounter no issues in setting it up or fine-tuning it via the included software. The metal finish look of this product looks incredibly authentic and it can also be configured in a H-based pattern.

The only drawback of this product is the price, since only the base version costs in excess of $540. However, for those who can afford it, this is certainly a great steering wheel to own. It looks very real both in terms of design as well as functionality, thus enabling users to benefit from a great edge in their fight against the opponents.

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