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Most of the video gaming enthusiasts of this age will always turn to Logitech for solutions. Logitech is a recognized electronics company based in Switzerland. This company has made the world of video gaming marvelous. Logitech not only offers gaming gadgets but also other computer peripherals such as keyboards, webcams, speakers, and other cool gadgets. Among the Logitech’s cool gadget offers is the Logitech G27 racing wheel. This is a racing wheel controller for playing racing video games. G27’s predecessor model is the Logitech G25 wheel. The G25 era has passed and we are now on G27. The Logitech G27 wheel is a great purchase for all video gaming enthusiasts.

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The Great Features

First, a good racing wheel must have a force feedback mechanism which provides gamers with a stunning realism. Logitech G27 wheel provides the realism in an exceptional manner. The wheel comes with a dual motor that produces the feedback to the gamer. This feedback basically makes gamers feel as if they were truly driving the real racing car rather than sitting comfortably on the gaming chair.

Secondly, the Logitech G27 racing wheel features a six-speed shifter and a reverse gear. Shifting from one gear to another is quite easy because G27 provides an accurate and smooth feel of the game. The reverse function is achieved through pushing down the reverse gear shifter.

Another stunning feature of this racing wheel is the RPM/shift point indicator LEDs. This is composed of 10 LED array, arranged in 5 pairs. The lights emit varying colors, from green through amber to red, in an advancing manner. The lights indicate the relative RPM and the best point to shift. This feature introduces realism into the game as it emulates the way Formula 1 cars display relative RPM, along with the best shift points, to their drivers.

The Logitech G27 wheel also features enlarged paddle shifters. The shifters allow the player to keep his/her hands on the wheel for fast shifting. The housing is very protective to the micro-switch pins against any damage or intrusion from dust.

The G27 racing wheel comes with 3 steel pedals for the clutch, gas, and brakes. The pedals come in two sets; the right and left leg sets. This feature compliments the steering wheel and makes it more like that of a real car. The pedal face locations are adjustable to best suit the user’s preferences. Additionally, the wheel is 11 inches and leather-wrapped. This compliments the gaming experience, making it feel like that of driving a Ferrari.

Finally, the construction and finishing of the Logitech G27 wheel is of high quality. The wheel is made of quality plastic that can withstand heavy usage in typical playing. The entire wheel is also wrapped in leather wrapping unlike other brands that have a plastic wrapping. This increases the wheel’s durability.

The Cons

Wonder where the Pros are? Relax; all the great features above constitute the pros. There are three most pronounced cons.

First, Logitech G27 racing wheel involves quite a number of cables. As we all know, cables are not very easy to manage. These cables can make the gaming area disorganized, which can possibly neutralize the gaming fun.

Second, the screws are made of plastic. These crews can break easily in case of too much pressure applied during playing.

Thirdly, all the functions of this racing wheel do not work with all games, especially the older games. Logitech G27 isn’t responsible for this issue. It all depends on the original programming of the game. Logitech has tried to soften this issue by creating a software developer kit (SDK) for the simulation game developers. The wheel has however been reported to support almost all the latest PC and PLAYSTATION3 games.


Despite these minor issues, Logitech G27 racing wheel is still a great purchase that a video game enthusiasts can get. The setup is easy, it offers good value for money, and brings in realism in the game. Note: it’s advisable to purchase a brand new racing wheel rather than a used wheel.

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