What are the best XBOX racing wheels?

Xbox is certainly a console system not to be ignored, having over 1 billion fans all around the world. However, racing games played on the Xbox are not complete without a dedicated racing wheel system and only Microsoft branded wheels can be used on XBOX, hence why we take a look at the most popular systems on the market:

1. Xbox-360 Wireless Speed Wheel

Xbox 360 Wireless Speed Wheel

This wireless speed wheel is not to be confused with the top stirrers benefitting from forced feedback and novelties in design such as metallic finishes. What it does is providing a decent alternative for those who don’t want to spend a fortune on a steering wheel nor complicate themselves with the addition of several HDMI cables. This speed wheel is connected wirelessly via a very simple mechanism, making use of your own WiFi network.

xbox wireless-wheel

It’s worthy to be noted that the RB and LB inputs are not present on this device and the green lights also look kind of Sci-Fi. Additionally, miniaturized buttons present on-board do not behave as one would expect them to, providing poor feedback quality and often being confounded with one another.

213215-wheeellll 7

Unfortunately, this is not a compromise to be taken into consideration for a serious arcade enthusiast or Forza fan. It simply provides a way too little control over the game and feedback of too poor quality. However, for those who cannot afford a better system, this is still an option to be taken into account.

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2. Xbox-360 Wireless Steering Wheel

Xbox 360 Wireless Steering Wheel

Build quality of this wheel is nothing short of impressive, being impressively sleek and benefitting from easy shifting thanks to the included switch. Although this wheel cannot be spin 720-degrees as in a real car; it still comes with the control options which any racing enthusiast would need.

Pedals are also extremely lifelike due to the fact that ankles are held tightly in place, giving users sturdy access to the car’s gas filling and brake pedal.


This model behaves terrifically in games, being currently tested by reviewers in the Project Gotham Racing 3 and NFS: Carbon titles. The wheel managed to perform excellently in both titles and showed absolutely no problems, even on the long drifting portions or during the times when the car collided with the side panel. Additionally, there was no sign of lag even when the wheel was turned to a 360-degree basis.

Without a doubt, this is a quality steering wheel to be taken into account by racing enthusiasts.



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3. HORI Xbox-360 Racing Wheel EX2

HORI Xbox 360 Racing Wheel EX2

This Xbox steering wheel can be considered quite a bargain when compared to its competitors and taking into account the real track performances it provides. The EX2 comes equipped with various controllers and features that lack even on top-notch steering wheels, such as:

– Vibration capability. Users will feel like they are taking part to the actual race when the steering wheel will rumble at the point when users smash into other opponents, jump through the ramps or land tough back on the racing track.

– Comfortable yet firm grip. Both the steering wheel’s sides are covered with a unique material which improves grip adherence while providing more comfort to the drivers. This material is very similar to the synthetic leather found of real steering wheels.

– Foot controller. Few other budget wheels come with a dedicated foot controller, yet EX2 manages to impress in this regard. This controller features one pedal for acceleration and one for brake. These are designed to be extra sensitive, so the users will have to put very little effort into making them work.


Basically, the HORI EX2 is a steering wheel which is significantly cheaper than most others yet extremely functional. Of course, it comes with a few downsides such as inability to recreate the power of force feedback models or more customization options, yet it still provides plenty of options for those who are on a budget. This model can help those interested save quire an amount, which can later be used for a custom cockpit that deals with all the drawbacks of this model. In spite of this, the HORI EX2 is still a notable model which provides racing fans with a viable driving alternative. It can also be installed and made fully functional in only few minutes.

HORI Xbox 360 Racing Wheel EX2

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Games like Forza and Gran Turismo 5 continue to improve over the past generation of racing titles for console, yet the limiting factor relies in their inability to use the game interface at maximum. It’s almost impossible for users to immerse completely into the game via a standard controller, and this is exactly where steering wheels come into play. Logitech, SteelSeries and few other manufactures provide truly amazing solutions in terms of racing accessories, which give players amazing control over any car chosen. Regardless of whether it’s for the customizable buttons, realistic feedback or included pedals, these systems offer something in excess to the competition. Check them out and you will not regret.

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